The one-on-one coaching was far more effective than classroom coaching.
Holiday Inn Sydney St Marys
As always tourism tribe has delivered concise information
Eromanga Natural History Museum
Thank you for a warm welcome and great follow up/support from the team. I feel very welcomed and get my motivation moving forward with the program. Thank you!
Forest Minds
The health check was useful – easy to interpret and identify the most relevant aspects for our business, with clear actions to take.
Museum of Human Disease
The health check was useful – easy to interpret and identify the most relevant aspects for our business, with clear actions to take.
Museum of Human Disease
Very much enjoyed the course and applicable knowledge
Funtastic Cruises
Claire was great, very knowledgeable and provided some great advice and suggestions.
Noosa Springs Golf and Spa Resort
Very well time spend with very useful information. Great explanations and recourses to go back to follow a long and practise what I have learned. Thanks, Sam, for the session – it was definitely on topic, helpful, hands-on and very informative!!!
Outback Opal Tours Pty Ltd
PS Cumbroona
As a long-term member of Tourism Tribe, I know the training I am signing up to will be succinct, easy to follow, instructional and in bit-sized chunks allowing me to fit it in around my business schedule. It will always teach me something I didn’t know or remind me of something forgotten. Tourism Tribe’s NECI Course has been a great experience as it has allowed Australian Experience Operators to develop a baseline approach to using their gifted Tourism Australia digital assets. Australian tourism websites have never looked so good!
Walk Darwin Pty Ltd
Fabienne and Emily are incredibly knowledgeable, their delivery is so clear and easy to follow. Their insight to looking at businesses from a customer’s point of view has allowed me to change my focus and be more strategic in my approach to planning content.
Mildura Airport
This course was so incredibly helpful!
Accessible Accommodation
Overall, I have found this a very interesting, and challenging course. This is a positive! I am very much looking forward to gaining a wealth of knowledge and assistance from the Tribe Team.
Star Hotel Echuca
I found the report very helpful.
South West Music Regional Conservatorium
The videos for each topic were super helpful in helping me wrap my head around the course content and apply it to my business. The course was also well-organised and a breeze to follow. It didn’t make me feel like I was drowning in the information or anything!
Early Australian Motor Inn
Happy with the overall outcome it is now up to us to keep the momentum going.
Apollo Bay Surf & Kayak
Mandy was able to help me trouble shoot a number of problems on Facebook meta suite, resulting from when we purchased our business. By the end of the coaching session we had resolved all issues and she had helped to ensure our business settings were set up for success, including verifying our domain. She went above and beyond our expectations in helping to resolve the issues and we’re so incredibly grateful.
A Digital Academy member
I was fortunate enough to be part of the Tourism NSW campaign which has given me the opportunity to promote my business in a highly professional way. The training Sam Ward provided was exceptional. He is highly knowledgeable in social media and has provided Orange Wine Tours with tools and new skills to move forward.
Orange WIne Tours NSW Pty Ltd
In over thirty years of my career to date, Sam delivered the best coaching session I have ever had. There was structure but also the ability for me to steer the conversation to areas where I needed guidance. Usually, I expect to get one to two actions/”ah-ha” moments from a coaching session. In this one, I lost count of the really tangible and valuable ideas Sam had (although they are all written down on my to-do list now!). Thank you, Sam, Tourism Tribe and Tourism Australia for this opportunity.
Pilgrim Sailing
Sam Ward’s guiding of our digital strategies has increased our confidence in how to approach the selling our camel tour business in Central Australia. Sam is an exceptional trainer. He’s versed with current trends, strategies and digital competency. He knows so much! He’s encouraging, friendly, kind and boosted my ability to achieve coaching outcomes. Thanks Sam Cheers Julia Burke and Marcus Williams at Pyndan Camel Tracks Alice Springs
Pyndan Camel Tracks
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