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The BEST way to get your problems solved

Conducted in person or via state of the art videoconference & remote computer access, one on one coaching is bar far the BEST way to get your problems solved. Our private sessions offer the opportunity to help you one on one with leveraging digital technology smartly and efficiently in your business. You will meet with a real tourism digital strategist with experiences in entrepreneurship, digital and coaching. It is the most effective way to get your business on the road to success, and your enthusiasm levels soaring. In a world of abundant information, you can trust us with advice will help you make the right choice, for your business and your circumstances.  

In a 60 min session we’ve helped the LARC! develop their brief for their new website.

It’s unbelievable how much clarity I gained from my coaching session with a Tourism Tribe expert digital strategist. I can only imagine how much time and money I would have wasted if I had gone down the path that a web designer initially suggested. Fabienne did a review of my online presence prior to our phone call and we shared computer screens so I could see the results for myself. It was the best money I ever spent. Or shall I say it saved me $3,200 and 3 weeks work!
Amber Rodgers
Marketing Manager, 1770 LARC! Tours

What can you expect from your coaching investment?

There is no cookie-cutter approach that works in small business entrepreneurship: all our sessions are tailored to achieve your objectives and fix your own issues. You can, however, expect our session to be hands-on, full of advice and we will most likely share screen and be able to fix issues right there on the spot by taking control of your mouse.

For example, we could:

  • help you improve your website’s Search Engine Optimisation by structuring your page’s content to follow Google’s recommendations
  • guide you to configure Google Analytics and/or tweak some settings
  • review and update your Google Business Profile
  • review your marketing campaigns and show you how to track their success in Google Analytics
  • offer a general project scope for all of the set up of your digital strategy
  • teach you how to write a blog post
  • help you set up automation with free third-party services and tools to free up your time
  • show you how feed you Instagram images directly into your site, and so on
  • high-level strategic plan for social media
  • teach you how to edit and upload a video and embed it as a background video on your website header
  • review your website for SEO
  • explain email marketing automation and lead magnets, contextualised for your business
  • introduce you to practical AI tools for small business

This particular client had just started their business and set up her website.

During the session, Fabienne noticed that the content wasn’t optimised for search nor local search and that the unique selling proposition needed clarifying.

Fabienne showed the client a simple training framework that allowed her to define her offer.  We also configured the client’s 1Password account to ensure all her password synchronised securely across all her devices (her computer was about to die). We then discussed pricing for her services, and how she could leverage simple technology such as iPad / tripod combo to add value to her clients.

This was a follow-up session. The client has advised us that they were going to spend a considerable amount of $ into a new website, as they ‘couldn’t edit their existing one’.

After a few minutes, Fabienne showed the client how to log into their website and discovered that it was a fully fledged, best practice WordPress website that simply needed a little design tweak to rejuvenate the look.

Fabienne managed to modernise the website during the session, add an online booking functionality and saved the client between $3,000 – $5,000 on spending money on a new website that wasn’t required.

In the session, Liz worked with the operator business objectives, value proposition and source and target markets and identified priorities to improve their customer’s journey and the business’s online presence. 

We demonstrated some tips and tools that they can use straight away to implement recommended actions.  

The operator walked away with increased confidence, clarity and improved knowledge as well as a documented outline of their strategic priorities and action items to better connect with and service their ideal guests.

The session was spent reviewing a new website that the client was about to launch.

Fabienne identified that a critical goal of the website has been missed by the web developer: building a customer database and setting up a simple, automated framework to send new content to segments of the database automatically.

An action plan was designed to remedy this. Fabienne also reviewed the structure of the site and provided advice as to the implementation of Google Analytics event tracking to demonstrate the value of the new platform to their members.

Meet our coaches!

Click on any of our fabulous coaches below to read about their background, their coaching style and their areas of expertise.

In our coaching session we set up the Messenger Chatbot on Anne-Maree’s website… read her testimonial

Anne-Maree Britton
Owner, GoFly Aviation

Coaching Sessions Testimonials

Listen to Lindsey’s short testimonial about the 1h session she had with our GM Despina. She was really impressed to have been able come up with tactics to align with her business goals for Kilmore Trackside. 

“The lead magnet can just sums up who we are. And I think more I read it, the more proud I become of what we’ve achieved over the years to where we are now. We very much had humble beginnings. And we’re getting some great followers now.”
Carinya Station
Thanks so much to the team at Tourism Tribe for guiding me through such important aspects of Digital Marketing – I am so excited to be able to implement these new skills in our business!
Headlands Hotel
The program has given me lots of practical knowledge in areas that I have not previously tried, especially email automation and lead magnets. The regular support calls and the workshops on specific topics really helped to focus my preparation time to get maximum value and also learn from other participants. The deadlines of each booked coaching session forced me to make the time to keep moving forward and not waste the opportunity for invaluable tailored advice. The structure of the program combined to both support me and push me to “put in” so that I was able to “get a lot out”. Thanks!
Activity Tours Australia
Well presented workshop, with concepts clearly delivered. Both my husband and myself have gained very useful knowledge
Balloon Joy Flights
Tourism Tribe is a MUST for any business that operates in the Tourism industry in Australia. I learnt so much and it has translated in doubling the traffic to our site. By employing some SEO tactics, I went from 2 people in the USA interested in what we do and travelling to Australia to over 500 – get this – IN ONE MONTH! I have been Benchmarking our website and we have overtaken every volunteer tourism operater in NSW, even surpassing some professional sites who have paid staff doing the same job. I would like to sincerely yhank the team at Tourism Tribe and particulary Mandy my coach for a fantastic experience. I am hoping to enroll in the next offering that the NSW Government can help in sponsoring.
Parramatta Female Factory Friends
Tourism Tribe is an awesome platform for small business owners in the tourism industry. The fast track course is perfect for anyone who need to increase their skillset and knowledge for online marketing and to keep up to date in the industry. I’ve learnt so much in this course, and from the course library, my group calls and coaching sessions. Making time for this will be more beneficial for your business in the long run.
Broken Bay Pearl Farm

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