Are you looking for a partner in Industry Training & Mentoring?

Now more than ever, Australian small tourism businesses have to embrace new digital tools & techniques to support internal operations and continue to deliver experiences smartly.

We deliver training in:

Delivery style and duration that suits your operator needs

Whether you need a short and sharp workshop or a year-long training program that includes face-to-face workshops, online group calls, one on one sessions and Digital Engagement Health Checks, we are equipped and ready to deliver.

Chose the delivery style that best suits your audience

  • In-person workshops (1h, half-day, full-day)
  • Live truly interactive workshops (1h, half-day, full-day)
  • Month-long to year-long programs including group, one-on-ones, digital health checks and board-redy reporting.

We also offer

Professional assessment of a business’s online presence with an extensive, easy-to read and actionable report providing information on how the business can improve their online presence.

Tourism Tribe has significant experience in creating marketing strategies for Destination Marketing Organisations, Regional Councils and Tourism Businesses.

Your digital strategy will include an actionable plan including email marketing, social media and online campaigns. With strategically identified opportunities in your marketing assets and prioritised list of improvements you need to make to meet your goals.

Our private sessions offer the opportunity to help businesses one on one with leveraging digital technology smartly and efficiently.

All our sessions are tailored to achieve tangible objectives and fix issues.

For example, we could work with operators to:

  • Improve their website’s Search Engine Optimisation 
  • Configure Google Analytics
  • Review and update their Google My Business listing
  • Review their marketing campaigns and track their success in Google Analytics
  • Teach them how to write a blog post
  • Set up automation with free third-party services and tools to free up their time.

We have a signature digital transformation program built for tourism and travel businesses who do not have a digital expert in house but need to transform from small to smart business.

The wins you’ll get from this laser-focused course include:

  • Recommended website systems and how to edit and update your website
  • Saving time and maximising efficiencies with password tools and bookmark productivity
  • Optimising your website content to be found in search engines
  • Using Facebook and Instagram properly, and more

Since 2015, Tourism Tribe has delivered a wealth of  masterclass presentations, webinar training and tourism workshops throughout Australia and Overseas.

Co-founders Fabienne Wintle and Liz Ward alongside our team of specialists have been in demand to deliver digital trends and transformation keynote presentations. As it is the combined lifetime worth of experience and knowledge that is used to help tourism businesses keep up-to-date with new information, transformative technology and advantageous business opportunities.

Whether it is digital marketing, trade training or business planning, we will provide insightful, engaging and actionable workshops on a wide range of topics.

To learn more about our past masterclass presentations and industry workshops, click here.

Having access to our bite-sized and easy to digest courses library can help operators upskill their digital assets and propel market growth.

Our courses are available in a range of topics that include:

  • Email marketing automation basics
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Local Search (Google My Business)
  • Creating great experiences and packages
  • Make Facebook Work for your Business in 2021
  • Successful Grant Funding
  • Mastering Blogging, and so much more

Workshop topics

We observed a growing trend among tourism operators who prefer attending workshops and spending a full day connecting with fellow businesses to learn and exchange ideas.

Workshops and webinars also offer a cost-effective way to provide support to a large number of operators. These topics can also be bundled into programs and include one-on-one coaching.

Digital Marketing Essentials

Foundational principles all tourism businesses should have in place

Topic ideas

Digital Protection: Smart Business Tools | Boosting Online Reputation Management | Cut-through Strategies for Success | Sprucing up your online presence

The Power of Collaboration

Give operators the tools needed to start, build and maintain partnerships to drive long-term successes.

Topic ideas

Purposeful Packaging | Crafting Experiences That Inspire | Choosing the right partners | 10-Step packaging formula | Unlocking New Markets: Creating Smart Collaborations with Trade in the Tourism Industry

Digital Marketing to Nurture Growth

These growth-focused courses delve deeper into specific areas of digital marketing.

Topic ideas

Make AI Work for your Business | Automate Live Chat & Messenger | Get your website lead-ready | Facebook & Insta Ads | Email marketing automation | Easy 5-step marketing plan | Work smarter not harder | Improve your imagery | Creating and editing video

Crisis Response and Business Continuity

Enable tourism operators to be prepared for any crisis situation that may impact their businesses.

Topic ideas

Crisis Preparedness | Protecting your online assets and reputation | Immediate disaster response | Post-Crisis Recovery Strategy | Building Reputation

International Ready Support Workshops

Ensuring emerging and established tourism operators have a competitive edge and meet the requirements of international markets.

Topic ideas

Understanding your target market | Building a strong online presence on the global stage | Driving traffic and direct international bookings through digital marketing

E-Commerce and Distribution

Ensuring your operators have got the right tools and strategies in place to deal with online sales

Topic ideas

Online booking systems | Payment gateways | Afterpay | Online security | Automating pre and post-arrival emails

The above tiles are just a few of the topic ideas. We offer a kit containing a variety of workshop topics and delivery methods tailored to meet the diverse needs and budgets of tourism operators. Whether it’s face-to-face workshops or virtual webinars, Tourism Tribe offers something for everyone to enhance their skills and knowledge in the tourism industry. Email our trade team below for a comprehensive guide to the full range of workshops Tourism Tribe has on offer. 

Testimonials & case study

Face to face engagement with tourism operators to develop packages for collaborative growth in their region!

This video shows Tourism Tribe’s General Manager, Despina Karatzias giving a recap of a live, face-to-face workshop she ran for Mackay Tourism in March 2021 on the topic of Packaging for Profit.

Let us show you how we can help you

We would love to work with you to tailor a program to suit your objectives, destination and your local industry. All clusters of businesses are at different stages of digital adoption and maturity of their tourism industry.

Your program can be tailored to your budget and the particular characteristics of your destination.

If you are interested in learning more about our pricing and packaging please fill out the form below and we will be in touch shortly.

Our portfolio

Since 2015, Tourism Tribe has delivered a wealth of masterclass presentations, webinar training and tourism workshops across Australia. Co-founders Fabienne Wintle and Liz Ward alongside our team of specialists have been in demand to deliver digital trends and transformation keynote presentations. As it is the combined lifetime worth of experience and knowledge that helps tourism businesses keep up-to-date with new information, transformative technology and advantageous business opportunities.

Masterclass Presentations

We deliver practical and invaluable tourism masterclass presentations

Tourism Workshops

We provide insightful, engaging and actionable workshops on a wide range of topics

Podcasts and Interviews

Our in-depth interviews empower, motivate and educate operators.

Podcasts and Interviews

  • Clarity Call PodcastDolores G Hirschmann and web wonder women “Marketing Heart & Lung Surgery” (2020)
  • Relish the Journey Podcast – “Live Life To-The-Full” with Myles Biggs and Fabienne Wintle (2020)
  • The Entrepreneur Way Podcast – “Transitioning from CEO of ATDW to Chief Entrepreneur of” (2020)
  • Podcast Interview with Crown Yourself™ with Kimberly Spencer (2020)
  • Liz Ward and Dr. Kimberley Linert (2020)

Benefits of industry development

  • Grow the Capabilities of Your Local Industry
    & Grow the Success of Your Destination​
  • Increase the digital confidence and capabilities of local tourism operators
  • Upskill local government and regional tourism staff
  • Understand marketing and distribution strategies
  • Define the customer path to purchase and design target market strategies
  • Understand how to connect to new markets
  • Increase productivity and learn how to make the most of digital technologies
  • Create collaborative motivation and momentum in your destination
  • Increase bookable experiences in your destination

This video shows Tourism Tribe’s CEO, Liz Ward presenting the workshop and key takeaways from several operators who participated in the Visit Sunshine Coast Digital Champions Program, 2021.

The program included face to face workshops and private coaching sessions with tourism operators to learn essential digital skills to grow their business and work smarter!

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