Testimonial from Yarraman Caravan Park and Cabins

I'm always happy to attend training by the Tourism Tribe or Navii teams. I love their approach, their professional manner, the fact that while being grown up they can also have a laugh. Being an adult is not always fun, we have a lot on our plates, so the ability to be relaxed while learning new skills is a vital approach for me. I don't need my coach/trainer making me more stressed than I already am. The staff at Tourism Tribe and Navii Digital have always approached my training/coaching sessions as a positive, kind influence on my learning - I truly appreciate that. The content is always well prepared and then delivered with a smile and a human approach. I look forward to future offerings, although I do admit to having a bit of homework to catch up on first - BUT at least now I am not scared of it!

Tania Paul
One on one coaching session delivered on 31/03/2021 by Fabienne Wintle

Which part of the training did you find most beneficial?

I am now more confident about how Zapier works, and where I can use it in my business. It will help me across multiple businesses in fact and it will also help me show my staff how to be more efficient with their processes.

The Training met my expectations

Strongly agree

I will apply the knowledge learnt

Strongly agree

The facilitator was knowledgeable

Strongly agree

My understanding has improved

Strongly agree

What is your overall satisfaction

Very satisfied

Would you recommend this training to a friend?

Yes, absolutely

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