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Your website is the only online asset you fully own so we will care for your WordPress site like it was ours! 

The majority of Tourism websites we come across are using WordPress as a content management system but suffer from myriad of issues that stop operators like you from having a truly competitive online presence.

Key issues we encounter on a daily basis:

  • antiquated page editors making it so hard to edit the website (when it should be so simple) leading to taking 3 hours to do something you should be able to do in 30 minutes. 
  • websites have plugins that are not being updated (e.g. two years behind) leading to compatibility issues and especially increased hacking risks
  • websites are not being protected from cyber attacks
  • websites are not being backed up leading to risks of losing everything if your server crashes
  • operators were never given proper training on how to use WordPress. Imagine having just purchased a Landcruiser 200 Series and not knowing how to drive it! 
WordPress services
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    WordPress Digital Architect Package

    This package has been crafted especially for tourism businesses who have a WordPress website, and wish to increase direct bookings and sales by ensuring their website stays at the top of its game. 

    It does not only include maintenance and hosting, but you will receive the missing piece being strategic advice from highly experienced website tourism specialists to ensure the only online asset you fully control becomes your most powerful online sales machine. 

    How this came about

    After having supported hundreds of tourism businesses since the year 2000 with first their Dreamweaver, then their WordPress (since 2003) websites, you’d think we’ve seen it all, but poorly developed WordPress websites seem to be the gift that keep on giving! Word of advice: do not let your friend’s cousin down the road build your WordPress website for $500. It will be the best kept secret, and an utter disaster.

    Whilst we thought we had seen it all, week after week we cannot believe what we see when we access the backend of operators’ WordPress websites.
    So in 2024, we’ve decided enough is enough and we have taken the matters into our own hands. Fabie has carefully crafted a Digital Architect package that will propel tourism operators and empower their businesses with the most efficient WordPress website. 



    1. Strategic Revenue Growth Advice

    Every two months you'll meet with one of our Founders (Fabienne Wintle or Liz Ward, depending on your needs) who will help you plan your next digital move. Whether you are after strategic advice or operational, such as how to outrank your competitors on Google, set up email marketing automation, build a new product, get more followers on TikTok, or upgrade booking systems, we're here to help you maximise your time and efforts to grow revenue.

    2. Care and Maintenance Plan

    Protect your WordPress website from being hacked or crashing! All the plugin updates, backups and security of your website will be taken care of and done for you. If your site does experience problems we are here for you. You'll be able to sleep soundly. Inclusions:

    • Daily Site + Database Backups to a third party site (never just back up to your server)
    • Weekly Updates to Plugins, Themes + WordPress
    • Security Hardening (to prevent cyber attacks)
    • Uptime Monitoring (we get notified if your site suddently goes down)
    • WP Rocket caching (loads the pages faster)
    • CloudFlare integration for extra protection and speed. Plus, if we need to connect something else to your domain -e.g. verification, emails etc it is done instantly instead of waiting 24h

    3. Premium Hosting

    WordPress websites need specific hosting configuration, especially when using page builders such as Elementor. Shared hosting or Godaddy hosting will not cut it! We will set you up on your own lightning fast Virtual Private Server, based in Australia. This means that your website will load super fast as it should in our day and age.
    Customers usually come to us because their website is slow and this is often due to being on a 'shared server' (imagine a dorm room with loads of people each wanting to use the one and only shower at the same time) and using unoptimised WordPress configurations.

    4. Premium Plugins

    We will give you access to the enterprise licenses of the best WordPress plugins you need to run a successful tourism website. 

    This includes Elementor Pro, Gravity Forms Premium, FunnelKit CRM and email marketing automation, Automator plus many more. We've done the maths and that's over $1,000 savings for you per year.

    5. Discounted Priority Support

    You will benefit from a discounted support rate and priority support.


    Our Digital Architect package starts at $2,800 a year. It is payable on an annual or monthly basis. 

    WordPress Technical Support

    We are WordPress experts and provide unbiased advice and support.

    We can train you in any plugin that you use, fix up any issues (whether it’s usabilty, design, or coding)
    We also rebuild and streamline WordPress sites that have been neglected or built by unskilled WordPress developers.

    Our WordPress areas of expertise are:

    • Elementor and Elementor Pro, Gutenberg
    • Dynamic OOO
    • WP Fusion 
    • FunnelKit for email marketing automation
    • WooCommerce and Woo Subscriptions
    • Automator (like Zapier but without the montly fee)
    • Gravity Forms and Gravity Wiz
    • LearnDash
    • Custom development


    You’ve got a WordPress website but you think it’s either clunky in the backend or slow, and you don’t know if you’ve got the right setup. You think your theme is ok but you want to do things and don’t know how to go about it. You’ve watched training videos but can’t make sense of them.

    You know you can do email marketing on WordPress so you don’t have to pay Mailchimp but you don’t know how to go about it.

    You’ve got a WooCommerce shop but people aren’t buying from you or you don’t think the shop experience is really good. 


    Let's chat

    If you’re interested in our WordPress services you need to speak to Fabienne. Book a 15-min complementary screen sharing session with her, be logged in your WordPress admin and she’ll take a look and asses the tech side of things for you. 

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