Tourism Tribe are always so very helpful! We are a small accommodation business and find the technology side of things can be a bit daunting. Very grateful for all the assistance we have received.
Mt Nebo Railway Carriage and Chalet
I am cool
Fordsdale Horseback Adventures
thanks so much for your time
A Digital Academy member
“On behalf of the Board of Business Excellence Australia and the UTS Business School, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your invaluable contribution as the keynote speaker at our conference on 10 November. The feedback we received about your presentation was outstanding, and it is evident that your insights, explanations, and clear examples resonated exceptionally well with the audience. Attendees expressed appreciation for the practical applicability of the approaches you shared, making it easy for them to imagine the possibilities in their own contexts. Your dedication to staying for the entire day did not go unnoticed, and people found it truly enjoyable to spend the day with someone as knowledgeable and like-minded as yourself. Your presence contributed significantly to creating a positive and engaging atmosphere throughout the event.” 
A Digital Academy member
“The lead magnet can just sums up who we are. And I think more I read it, the more proud I become of what we’ve achieved over the years to where we are now. We very much had humble beginnings. And we’re getting some great followers now.”
Carinya Station
Thanks so much to the team at Tourism Tribe for guiding me through such important aspects of Digital Marketing – I am so excited to be able to implement these new skills in our business!
Headlands Hotel
The program has given me lots of practical knowledge in areas that I have not previously tried, especially email automation and lead magnets. The regular support calls and the workshops on specific topics really helped to focus my preparation time to get maximum value and also learn from other participants. The deadlines of each booked coaching session forced me to make the time to keep moving forward and not waste the opportunity for invaluable tailored advice. The structure of the program combined to both support me and push me to “put in” so that I was able to “get a lot out”. Thanks!
Activity Tours Australia
I attended the Step-up your blogging game with AI. This was a great course that will allow us to better engage with our customers/potential customers and will help us to grow our exposure online. Also they provided tips and tricks, including a live demo of how to do it and this will most definitely save us time each month so thank you! The specific examples on how to interact with ChatGPT and what to ask were good. Thanks again. Happy for it to be used.
Kenilworth Country Cabins
Well presented workshop, with concepts clearly delivered. Both my husband and myself have gained very useful knowledge
Balloon Joy Flights
Tourism Tribe has been a wonderful resource. The people are extremely supportive and helpful and the topics in the program have been very progressive and insightful.
Ashburton Lavender
Brilliant program for a small business run by a team of very experienced, professional approachable, accommodating and knowledgeable experts. I loved everything they had to offer. Especially their care factor in ensuring your business flourishes. Great team, great course and great service.
Canyonleigh Retreat
Tourism Tribe is a MUST for any business that operates in the Tourism industry in Australia. I learnt so much and it has translated in doubling the traffic to our site. By employing some SEO tactics, I went from 2 people in the USA interested in what we do and travelling to Australia to over 500 – get this – IN ONE MONTH! I have been Benchmarking our website and we have overtaken every volunteer tourism operater in NSW, even surpassing some professional sites who have paid staff doing the same job. I would like to sincerely yhank the team at Tourism Tribe and particulary Mandy my coach for a fantastic experience. I am hoping to enroll in the next offering that the NSW Government can help in sponsoring.
Parramatta Female Factory Friends
Tourism Tribe is an awesome platform for small business owners in the tourism industry. The fast track course is perfect for anyone who need to increase their skillset and knowledge for online marketing and to keep up to date in the industry. I’ve learnt so much in this course, and from the course library, my group calls and coaching sessions. Making time for this will be more beneficial for your business in the long run.
Broken Bay Pearl Farm
Thankyou for these great resources that help me fast track my SEO strategy with the right information and guidance. I love the activities that help you get the message out to your audience, this can be difficult and daunting when you are working solo in your business, a great help to get you working on your business and giving the customers the information they need to better connect with your story and services.
“You don’t know what you don’t know’ is never truer than the endlessly morphing world of digital marketing. It has been an honour to receive guidance from Despina Karatzias, who possesses a rare balance of personable emotional intelligence and great business instinct. Thank you.
Linda Franklin_artist
The Tourism Tribe have been absolutely amazing with helping us improve our business. You can truly see the time and effort they have put into creating useful worksheets and workshops to elevate our marketing practices. We cannot thank the team enough for creating such a valuable course that will help any small business amplify their marketing!
Australian Reptile Park
A very good program to get an independent assessment of your digital offerings. Lots of simple advice to implement tools and functions that you may have overlooked when building your system.
Mount Victoria Museum
“Yeah, absolutely, I would definitely say go for it. I think taking a bit of time to like you said, set it up to help your future self is easier than sort of being reactive. So having that plan in place to get you to where you need to be instead of finding things as they come up.”
1816 Bakehouse
Linda highlights the challenge of time constraints in her small business and initially hesitating to invest time in programs like these. However, she emphasises that participating in the program has shifted her priorities, providing valuable insights, shaking up her perspective, and ultimately helping her see the importance of essential aspects like Google Analytics and customer-centric viewpoints.
Linda Franklin
“One of the big things for me really has been, you know, through you to have that, that new lens put on that I’m a destination ambassador. Oh. I love that. But, you know, as I said to you this morning, another big thing from this course has been that it’s made me realise that rebranding was, you know, absolutely essential. So I feel like I have all these new tools that now, you know, take away throughout the course.”
Silver Mink Tours
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