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Tourism Tribe is an awesome platform for small business owners in the tourism industry. The fast track course is perfect for anyone who need to increase their skillset and knowledge for online marketing and to keep up to date in the industry. I’ve learnt so much in this course, and from the course library, my group calls and coaching sessions. Making time for this will be more beneficial for your business in the long run.
Broken Bay Pearl Farm
Thankyou for these great resources that help me fast track my SEO strategy with the right information and guidance. I love the activities that help you get the message out to your audience, this can be difficult and daunting when you are working solo in your business, a great help to get you working on your business and giving the customers the information they need to better connect with your story and services.
“You don’t know what you don’t know’ is never truer than the endlessly morphing world of digital marketing. It has been an honour to receive guidance from Despina Karatzias, who possesses a rare balance of personable emotional intelligence and great business instinct. Thank you.
Linda Franklin_artist
The Tourism Tribe have been absolutely amazing with helping us improve our business. You can truly see the time and effort they have put into creating useful worksheets and workshops to elevate our marketing practices. We cannot thank the team enough for creating such a valuable course that will help any small business amplify their marketing!
Australian Reptile Park
A very good program to get an independent assessment of your digital offerings. Lots of simple advice to implement tools and functions that you may have overlooked when building your system.
Mount Victoria Museum
“Yeah, absolutely, I would definitely say go for it. I think taking a bit of time to like you said, set it up to help your future self is easier than sort of being reactive. So having that plan in place to get you to where you need to be instead of finding things as they come up.”
1816 Bakehouse
Linda highlights the challenge of time constraints in her small business and initially hesitating to invest time in programs like these. However, she emphasises that participating in the program has shifted her priorities, providing valuable insights, shaking up her perspective, and ultimately helping her see the importance of essential aspects like Google Analytics and customer-centric viewpoints.
Linda Franklin
“One of the big things for me really has been, you know, through you to have that, that new lens put on that I’m a destination ambassador. Oh. I love that. But, you know, as I said to you this morning, another big thing from this course has been that it’s made me realise that rebranding was, you know, absolutely essential. So I feel like I have all these new tools that now, you know, take away throughout the course.”
Silver Mink Tours
I’m really looking forward to the gains I can already see I’ll make through participating in this program. After 10+ years, to finally have my search console set up and providing valuable keyword insights is empowering. I never thought I’d be so excited about refreshing my website content!
Jetty Road Retreat
All of the training was amazing! I was quite amazed with how extensive the course is. A lot of information that just opened my eyes up to so many possibilities to promote my business. Thank you!!
Craig's Place
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NT Driver Guide
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NT Driver Guide
Mandy Murray was just awesome for my one-on-one call it really helped to further increase and open up my marketing plan for Sundive Byron Bay. She is so dynamic and interesting I could have kept going for hours with her. The whole course is fantastic with its staging to keep you on track and the proactive touching base by the others involved with this fast-track tourism tribe program. I am loving this course and the wealth of information and skills being shared with me just to help our business market itself. The bite-sized break downs of information are wonderful to prevent me from feeling overwhelmed by the whole social media/marketing . I hope I have the opportunity to complete more training with Mandy and the Tourism tribe.
Sundive Byron Bay
Thanks a clear & concise presentation on GA4.
Grampians Tourism
I thought Despina was very knowledgeable and passionate about the topics covered. Her real-life experiences and those of others she has helped have given her a great insight and understanding of the real and present risks of different crisis’s that can affect any business. She was able to empower us in a short time and provide us with steps to take to start reviewing our business more effectively to reduce risks.
H&M Productions
Definatley, thanks Despina for getting me back on track
Casstronomy by Cassandra Austin
Dear Mandy, I wanted to extend my heartfelt gratitude for our recent one-on-one coaching session for digital support in our small business. Your expertise and willingness to support us in addressing our weaknesses were truly appreciated. It was an absolute delight to meet you and learn from your valuable insights. Thank you for sharing the resources and generously dedicating your time to guide me. At the beginning of the coaching session, I lacked confidence, but after our discussion, I gained clarity on the areas I needed to focus on for our business. I’m now looking forward to working through the provided resources and making much-needed changes to enhance our online presence. Your coaching has been instrumental in charting a clearer direction for our business, and I eagerly await our next session in September! With sincere thanks, Sarah Valley Outdoors, NSW
Valley Outdoors
A fantastic introduction to the validity of using Tik Tok in our business. Have already commenced applying what I learnt. Thank you very much!
Woodsoak Wines
Molly was incredibly helpful, patient, understanding and supportive. She quickly honed in on where I needed help. I felt heard and somehow she managed to anchor me to where I needed to focus my attention on. An extremely valuable session overall. Thank you Molly!
The French Garden
Such a pleasure to have a coaching session with Despina, what a warm and knowledgeable lady! I loved her communication style and ability to tease out what I was saying and provide feedback without being prescriptive. Despina has a way of gently sharing her experience in the tourism industry and really listening to what the client has to say. Thank you.
Walk the Limestone Coast
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