I loved the prompt action on everything and the comprehensive result. The tips were really helpful and I am excited to kick things off and take our online presence to the next level.
COPACC - Colac Otway Performing Arts and Cultural Centre
A positive, inspiring, practical and empowering experience that has helped me to re-focus, expand my thinking and motivate me to go back to basics to ensure the foundations are in order to continue on and grow my business. Thank you, Sarah and Tourism Tribe! x
Wheeler's Seafood Restaurant
We appreciate the opportunity to have receive a sponsored one hour consult with a Tourism Tribe specialist, to review our website and look at product strategies for a new product. The consult was beneficial, clear to understand and a great start to making changes to improve our website traffic conversion into sales and the overall customer journey.
Earth Sanctuary World Nature Centre
I got a lot out of it, especially in understanding our segments and the persona of the people that we need to connect with and how I can navigate that through Google and TripAdvisor and really taking a deeper dive in and understanding our, our markets, especially our trade how we can engage better and have some concrete actions
Maruku Art Centre
This program that I have shown is exactly what I had been looking for the last two years or so. What I love about it is I can work at my own pace but have support whenever I have a question. And it really covers all the different areas of digital marketing, so how you can combine them all in the end.
Spice of Life Cafe Deli
I got so much insight on how I can really improve my website, and my social media and build really great strategies that are going to target the goals that I have set for our business. If you get the opportunity to have any of these online coaching sessions 100% recommend it, you’re going to love it, and it’s going to really help you elevate your business to where you want to be.
Kilmore Trackside
Although I’ve got a bit of technology experience in it, and all that sort of stuff. Just you know, all the networking in the, you know, the strategies you need to be successful at tourism. Yeah, when I saw it, I thought, yeah, it just makes so much sense. And yeah, having just that, yeah, you know, all those resources, such as yourself, you actually have experience in the tourism industry and all that sort of stuff. I might know how to take photos, but yeah, well, the tourism stuff is very new, and just being aware of, you know, the networking and the systems available. That’s been really useful.
There are an unmanageable number of experts with support and learning courses. What was exceptional about Sam was his ability to stick to the marketing focus area but adapt it to make it relevant to my existing skill set and unique business challenges. His experience as a business owner kept the content relevant and practical. thank you, Cindy Poole
Cindy Poole PTY LTD - Cindy Poole Glass gallery
It’s been a fantastic course, I know my objectives have been met, because I was given a concrete action plan, my site was assessed, and I told me exactly what’s wrong with my site and how to fix it and how to go about it
Sydney Guideed Tours
The course has provided a wealth of information that will help our tourism business develop and grow. The personalised approach taken has been invaluable!
Myall River Camp
I can not speak highly enough of the Digital Biz Keeper program. The resources and programs are well researched and professionally delivered; tailored specifically for the tourism industry. The attention to detail in the program and resources available, with being able to re-visit the zoom sessions is beneficial for anyone living remotely from specialist training bodies. Clarifying what we are getting right and knowing what needed to fix has resulted in more effective digital media marketing for our town. Thank you Tourism Tribe and VTIC for this program. Helen Hobbs, Kaniva & District Progress Association.
Kaniva and District Progress Association
Being able to meet online with Mandy after hours was really helpful if you’re a busy solopreneur like myself. She had a wide range of knowledge in marketing, SEO and social media and I found the advice on how to make the most of my Google Business page particularly useful and helpful. Mandy has been really easy to work with and has a bubbly personality with a lot of energy, but is still a straight talker!
Alykat Creative
Thank you very much. I have found this process very useful and I will action a lot of the recommendations from the report. I really valued from both my 1 on 1 sessions after my first report.
Navigate Expeditions
As well as providing invaluable advice on SEO for my business, Mandy made multiple suggestions for Google my Business and so much more.
Shutters by the Sea
Mandy was an excellent person to work with and knew what she was doing. She helped optimise our website with google quite alot!
Snow Gate Motel
Our sessions with Claire were well organised and tailored to meet our needs. She was patient with us and very encouraging. We have set measurable goals with a timeline to complete updates to our social, website, google and direct mail. Thank you!
Women Embrace Adventure
Mandy was amazing. The information and advice she provided was invaluable. It has made a huge impact on my understanding of digital marketing. Because we are a stand alone business we often miss out on hearing about innovations and digital enhancements. I feel up skilled and confident I can implement Mandy’s suggestions to improve our business operations and revenue. Thanks Mandy, Tourism Tribe and ATDW
Walangari Karntawarra
Thanks again for the two coaching sessions. The sessions have been extremely valuable in sharing information that I would never find on my own
VIP Private Tours
This program was super helpful for our business. The content, videos and downloadable packages were great. The two coaching sessions I had with Mandy were incredible. Mandy was very knowledgeable, and provided so much information and examples. The information I learned will be used within our business.
Hunter Region Botanic Gardens
Thank you Leigh Reading for your patience and delivery in simple language.
Morrisons of Glenrowan
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