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30-Day Reboot 2022

Online Reputation & Increasing Customer Reviews in 2022

A positive online reputation is the absolute foundation of successfully marketing your business. Potential guests will use your online reviews to gauge the quality of your services and make decisions based on what others say and how you present yourself online.

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30-Day Reboot 2022

Getting started with segmenting your email list

Email marketing – done right – is still one of the highest-converting online sales techniques. This article explains how to get better results from your email marketing efforts by sending tailored emails to a segmented database.

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Crypto Tourism 101 – learn how tourism businesses can capture a massive opportunity

The ‘Spotlight on Crypto Tourism’ training session will get participants thinking about a new niche for their tourism business that doesn’t require much more than a five minute set-up. It will give them a basic understanding of how blockchain technology and digital currencies present massive opportunities for tourism distribution.  Tourism and crypto currency experts will discuss how peer-to-peer distribution that is enabled by blockchain technology signals a massive change coming down the line for the travel distribution eco system and the potential death of online travel agencies.

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