Fraser Coast Tourism Digital Capacity Building

Explore how the digital capacity building program elevated these tourism operators confidence and skills in new digital technologies and marketing activities.

For tourism businesses, it’s time to stop chasing the digital 8-ball and put your best digital foot forward in establishing a strong online presence for you and your region. Your business success and success of your destination is closely tied to the ability for you to communicate with potential clients, improve your marketing tactics and optimise your visibility online.

We understand that tourism businesses only have one chance at making a great first and long-lasting impression on customers at every interaction and if that opportunity is missed it take extensive marketing tactics to win back customer loyalty.

Tourism Tribe recently partnered with the dedicated industry training and development team at Fraser Coast Tourism and Events to create a bespoke Digital Capability Program for their 30 operators across the beautiful Fraser Coast including operators in and around Hervey Bay and Maryborough in Queensland.

The all-inclusive program was highly targeted to the operators’ needs whilst being focused on actionable outcomes and most importantly, the outcomes were measurable, giving key insights and data intelligence into the digital capability of the Fraser Coast Tourism region and how the regional tourism organisation and local industry can work together to improve all facets of the destination’s digital economy.

Liz Ward, Fabienne Wintle  Fabienne Wintle


To help these amazing operators improve their digital skills and knowledge and to support them to adapt and enhance their online presence, each of the 30 participants received:

  • Before and After Digital Engagement Health Checks™
  • 2 hours of personalised coaching
  • 2-hour group workshop
  • Full online course library access
  • Fortnightly Group Coaching Sessions
  • Customised Social Superhero Calendar

Program Outcomes

Interacting face-to-face, these operators were championed and supported through their digital journey and were able to:

  • Establish a strong online presence and implement relevant marketing activities
  • Elevate their confidence and skills in new digital technologies
  • Network with like-minded businesses
  • Receive measurable outcomes and tangible improvements to their digital presence

By taking an interactive and bespoke approach to developing the Fraser Coast Digital Capacity Building Program, these operators have collectively made a positive difference to all facets of their digital assets.

Fraser Coast Businesses ahead of Industry Average

Practical and tailored two-hour coaching sessions with each participant helped solve the operators’ digital and technology challenges making them feel more confident with navigating and improving their online platforms

The in-person analysis and walk-through of their Digital Engagement Health Check™ helped these operators develop their strategy and create actions towards their continuous digital journey within their business. This allowed these operators to improve collectively between their first and second Digital Engagement Health Check™ and show to Fraser Coast Tourism and Events the practical improvements they had achieved.


At the conclusion of the in-person digital coaching, each participant was prescribed a follow-up action plan with additional learning via access to the course library. Extensive reporting and data collection was also created as outlined below.

Pre and Post Digital Capacity Building Confidence

It was a wonderful opportunity to work with the team at Fraser Coast Tourism and Events and local operators to share experiences and success stories with other like-minded businesses.

We captured the highlights of the trip up to Hervey Bay where the Tourism Tribe team delivered the workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions.

Why work with Tourism Tribe?

Tourism Tribe is an award-winning leader in business improvements in the tourism industry, with a vision to help those in tourism have a sustainable business and make a profit doing what they love, no matter where they are located.

For over 13 years, Tourism Tribe has been delivering the most up-to-date, highest quality, relevant advice and support for tourism operators to grow their confidence and digital business.

In programs like the Fraser Coast Digital Capacity Building, you will have the best of the best personal training and coaches mentoring your team. Each of whom specialises in different areas of digital marketing, strategy and small business development.

Meet our amazing team from around Australia here.

Liz Ward Fabienne Wintle, Digital Capacity Building program participants


How Tourism Tribe can Help Grow the Success of Your Destination

We would love to work with you to tailor a program to suit your objectives, destination and your local industry.

Your Tourism Tribe Training Program can be tailored to your budget and the particular characteristics of your destination.

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