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First published on February 22, 2022
Last updated on October 5, 2023
Our roadmap to helping local tourism businesses improve their digital skills and online presence with our successful Tourism Tribe Training Program

Recently, more than ever, Australian tourism businesses have to adapt to new “digital technologies” to support internal operations and continue to deliver experiences smartly. Due to COVID-19 local operators have even had to adapt to new consumer trends and reinvent the wheel in terms of navigating online.

So, to help these businesses, Tourism Tribe decided to hit the road again!

In partnership with the dedicated industry training and development team at Visit Sunshine Coast, we decided to hit the road again to connect and support operators as part of the 2021 Digital Champions Program.

Over a couple of months, we assisted 20 local tourism businesses with improving their digital skills and knowledge needed to adapt and improve their online presence.

It was a wonderful opportunity to develop and deliver the successful Visit Sunshine Coast Digital Champions Program and to be able to share our experience and success stories with other like-minded businesses that are on the same journey.

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To help these amazing operators learn essential digital skills to grow their business and work smarter, each of the 20 participants received:

  • Pre and post-digital health checks
  • 3 practical & interactive workshops
  • 2 hours of personalised coaching
  • 4 months access to online courses, group coaching calls and premium support

Program Outcomes

Over several months working together, both in-person and online, these operators we able to:

  • Elevate their confidence and skills in new digital technologies and marketing strategies
  • Network with like-minded businesses
  • Receive measurable outcomes and tangible improvements to their digital presence
  • Be inspired with best-practice industry examples

By taking a multi-faceted, actions and support based approach when developing The Digital Champions Program, Tourism Tribe was able to assist local tourism businesses with improving their digital skills via 3 practical and interactive workshops, one on one coaching sessions, and digital engagement health checks™.

By focusing on the critical skills and knowledge needed to adapt and improve their online presence, these businesses were able to walk away with a wealth of knowledge and action items they could apply to their own unique business.

Sunshine Coast Businesses ahead of Industry Average

Biggest Improvements in Facebook and Instagram

Program Satisfaction

Yet again, we want to offer a big congratulations to the 20 Sunshine Coast Digital Champions who participated in this program. To celebrate this amazing achievement, we have decided to showcase some highlights of the program and valuable lessons these operators will be taking forward in their journey to success.

This video provides a glimpse into the journey 20 Sunshine coast operators took when they said “yes!” to upskilling their businesses and experiencing new tourism networking opportunities.

Tourism Tribe Training – Our Roadmap to Success

Since 2007, TourismTribe has helped 7,245 tourism people get unbiased digital advice in Australia and around the world.

We have developed, run and digitised 334 workshops and lost track of the number of personalised coaching sessions we have delivered. For each of the workshops and programs we deliver such as the Visit Sunshine Coast Digital Champions Program, we developed a tailored approach using our trusted and tried products.

Digital Engagement Health Check

Our team of experienced digital strategists audit your business’s online presence and generate a 20+ page personalised report. The report tells the business what they need to fix, missed opportunities and why. We have been conducting digital health checks using our system for four years and have delivered thousands of them, enabling benchmarking within and comparatively across regions and business types/industries.

Group Coaching Calls

Live workshops and group coaching sessions provide a regular opportunity for participants to be part of a group of operators who, in this instance, are being trained in Sunshine Coast strategic initiatives aligned with their digital presence and who are experiencing similar challenges and have a range of questions that are answered by experienced specialists.  Encouragement and motivation are key inputs and outcomes in these sessions, empowering operators to continue on their learning journeys.

One-on-One Coaching Session

Practical one-on-one coaching sessions are tailored to the operator’s business goals and situation, with industry examples to encourage, motivate and solve operators’ digital and technology challenges. It is the most effective way to get your business on the road to success, and your enthusiasm levels soaring.

Meet our amazing tourism business coaches from around Australia and see what areas we each specialise in.

Digital Bizkeeper 101

This interactive course covers all aspects of digital fundamentals and was built for tourism and travel businesses that do not have a digital expert in-house but need to transform from small to smart. Over the years, this course has helped operators upskill in areas of website creation, SEO, social media, online sales, review platforms and basically everything digital.

Operators benefit from hearing each others’ questions and the answers, seeing live demonstrations, knowing they aren’t alone in their challenges and sharing their experiences.



How Tourism Tribe training can Grow the Capabilities of Your Local Industry & Grow the Success of Your Destination

We would love to work with you to tailor a program to suit your objectives, destination and your local industry. All clusters of businesses are at different stages of digital adoption and maturity of their tourism industry.

Your Tourism Tribe Training Program can be tailored to your budget and the particular characteristics of your destination.

If you are interested in learning more about our pricing and packaging please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will be in touch shortly.

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