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Benefits of a Tourism Tribe Digital Academy Membership

First published on June 22, 2022
Last updated on June 29, 2022

One of the most common statements we hear from clients is that they just do not have enough time to work on their business. Does this sound familiar? When you think of Tourism Tribe Digital Academy membership, do you ever think I just don’t have the time?

If this seems all too familiar, the short answer is that a Tourism Tribe membership can help you save time and money. Allow our professional team to handle all of the legwork and research for you. Our team is continuously on top of changes to social media platforms and enjoys discovering new tools and apps that make running a business easier.

What does a Tourism Tribe Digital Academy Membership include?

  • Our hours of research and savoir-faire, packaged in simple bite sized pieces for you and delivered to you!
  • Support – ability to ask questions in our courses, on the live coaching calls and via premium support
  • Fully, up to date course library access to all our digital marketing and productivity courses
  • Handouts and templates

After conducting thorough research and testing out the programs, we write the course programs and make recommendations to make your life easier. We don’t take any commissions. Therefore every recommendation is made just to spread the good news and make your life easier. Tourism Tribe provides you with the information you need while filtering out the noise.

The course library has over 28 self-paced courses that are updated on a regular basis to ensure that they remain current. The courses are straightforward and easy to follow, consisting of text and videos, and provide you with actionable items that can be implemented in your business.

Access to our fortnightly support calls is included in some subscription levels. This is such an underutilised service of Tourism Tribe. It allows you to talk to one of our digital experts and have your questions answered. Take a minute to watch our YouTube video to learn more about the benefits of our Live Group Coaching Calls.

We recently conducted Digital Engagement Health Checks™, pre and post running a program for small businesses and discovered that operators who completed one or more courses from the library improved their digital presence by 79%.

Tourism Tribe Membership outcomes.

The Benefits of a Tourism Tribe Digital Academy Membership

Becoming a member of the Academy is a lot like joining a gym. There are different levels of memberships available to suit your needs and budget. But most importantly, you need to turn up for it to make a difference. Your business will become fitter, healthier, and stronger by regularly turning up to the Digital Academy.

My challenge to you today is!

Before long you will see significant change and improved results.

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