6 Examples of Great Reel ideas for Tourism Businesses

First published on August 9, 2021
Last updated on May 23, 2023
Reels are growing in popularity as they are a great way to improve your organic reach on Instagram - more so than stories, posts and videos. We've collected 6 examples of great reel ideas for tourism businesses to help you with some #reelinspo.

Reel Ideas for Tourism Businesses

Reels are a new way to create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram. They have become increasingly popular since 2020 and even more so since the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri announced in July 2021 that Instagram is “no longer a photo-sharing app.”

Unlike Instagram photos, videos, IGTV and stories, Instagram Reels yield traffic, engagement and views weeks after you post them. As such, they are a great tool for businesses as they even get better organic reach than regular posts. Particularly since they were created to compete with TikTok, which means that Instagram rewards those who use it by showing it to more people! Hence why there is a Reel tab at the bottom of your Instagram mobile app (front and centre).

Still, need more reasons to incorporate Reels into your marketing strategy?

  1. Reels allow you to be creative as you want using music, stickers and transitions
  2. It provides a way for businesses to showcase their service and product-based work that allows users to connect with the brands’ personality
  3. They are extremely shareable and engaging

Fortunately for you, we have collected 6 amazing reel ideas from various tourism businesses including accommodation, tour, attraction, travel and regional tourism organisations across Australia to help you grow your account organically.

Each of these examples demonstrates the various ways of creating content that is both appealing, effective and aligns with Instagram’s new algorithm changes.

We’d like to thank all the businesses featured in this guide. Hopefully, these reels help to inspire other operators to take their Instagram content to the next level.


Example 1 – Tour Business

Filming a behind-the-scenes/live demonstration of your tours can help entice potential and returning visitors to your business and region…especially during lockdowns when users are looking for a bit of travel inspiration.

In this example, @max_homer captures both the region and tour activities perfectly to elicit a feeling of adventure and fun.


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A post shared by Contiki (@contiki)


Example 2 – Regional Tourism Organisations

Combine trending audio with short, engaging video clips to provide value as this is what will make your reel go viral and become highly shareable.

In this example, @mymelbournediary uses these techniques to showcase her top ten places in Melbourne.


Example 3 – Attraction Business

Take users on a journey through your business and attraction to set expectations, add additional information and build awareness of your business.

This reel is super simple to create, as it does not require text or voiceover because just watching the process of @mymelbournediary navigating through the attraction is self‑explanatory and entertaining enough!


Example 4 – Travel Inspiration

The combination of calm music and short video clips makes the reel magical and inspirational.

Traveller bloggers such as @kendallbaggerly are great at representing travellers’ experiences through their own eyes. Adding their expertise in filming and capturing life’s amazing moments.


Example 5 – Tourism Innovation & Entertainment

Cultivating a creative, innovative and entertaining reel can help propel your video content onto the explore page and consequently to your greater target audience ‑ who are not yet following you.

In this example, @max_homer uses Google Maps to create this captivating reel to share his travel journey through a unique and innovative lens.


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A post shared by Max Homer (@max_homer)


Example 6 – Accommodation Business

Showcasing your accommodation through video with music as opposed to still images can spark interest and stop users from scrolling.

Videos like this from @mtbundystation can also be used on your website to add an additional and entertaining component to your accommodation page that offers more insight and information.


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A post shared by MT BUNDY STATION (@mtbundystation)

Practice, Practice, Practice!

We hope you have enjoyed these great reel ideas for tourism businesses.

We know that learning to master new features can be daunting that’s why we have updated our Foundational Digital Bizkeeper 101 course and our Individual Instagram course to include everything you need to know about creating and editing a reel.

Remember, practice makes perfect and just because you don’t get it right the first time, doesn’t mean it will never work for your business! Try to remember to not overcomplicate things, be yourself and have fun with them.

Your first Reels don’t need to feature fancy transitions or multiple blocks of text to be effective. Don’t forget to tag @tourismtribe in your reel/description so we can give your first Reel some love. ❤️



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