11 Tips and Tricks for Social Media Content and Planning

How can a small business efficiently plan for their Social Media channels? Below we share a few handy ideas tips and tricks to help you minimise your time planning, sourcing and posting content for Facebook and Instagram and maximise your results.

How can I best utilise my time for Social Media planning?

Smart planning can help a small business maximise their efficiency when sourcing and planning content for their Social Media channels. The benefits of Social Media to a business is underestimated – especially when attracting new potential clients. Social media also gives our customers a voice – a positive voice can benefit our business as word of mouth is still so highly valued.

During our One on One Coaching Sessions, we are often asked how to efficiently plan for our Social Media channels. There are some great tools that can all link in together to help you efficiently source, share and plan your posts for Facebook and Instagram.  Remember that above all, consistency of posts is important, along with quality, and then finally – quantity. Below we share a few handy ideas, tips and tricks to help you minimise your time planning, sourcing and posting content and maximise your results.


  1. We recommend to sign up with a free Hootsuite account so help with your planning and posts for social media.
  2. Set up your Hootsuite account by connecting your social channels. 

    Hootsuite Social Media planning
    Using the Hootsuite planner gives you a great overview of your scheduled posts.
  3. Plan a time once a month to GET CONTENT – this will make your posting SO much easier. Go around and take pics and short videos of all the popular things your guests do and things people ask you about.
  4. Create a shared dropbox folder so you always have access to the shared images you can use. (maybe you can do 2 folders – USED and UNUSED to help with your content) then connect this Dropbox account to your Hootsuite one (through Hootsuite) – this means you can access your pics from anywhere! 

    Scheduling a post for Facebook within Hootsuite
  5. Remember that once your posts are scheduled – do the maintenance – like responding to comments and messages etc.
  6. Look at increasing your following on your Insta acct – follow similar pages and their followers.
  7. Improve your Booking Confirmation email to include links to your website posts about what to do and see in the area and tours. In this email Include links to your social channels and ask people to ‘check-in’ or tag you in their post while they are enjoying their holiday.  Doing this is going to make posting easier as you will have access to more content you can use.
  8. Look for opportunistic content for example – there is a family having a great BBQ by the pool – snap a pic and post to Social media (with consent) Help paint the pic for your potential guests. Or some HAPPY kids have just clearly some back from the beach with smiles from ear to ear – snap that pic and in the wording, you will mention how you are WALKING DISTANCE TO THE BEACH! Remember to paint the picture for your potential guests and weave your business attributes throughout the stories that you tell in your Social Media. 

    Facebook guest content
    Opportunistic photos can help paint the picture of the experience a guest can have
  9. Check your @mentions and #hashtags to see what content you can use for your own page.
  10. Check your stats and insights on your social media to SEE WHAT IT IS THAT PEOPLE INTERACT WITH. It’s a good idea to know what you’re audience like right? Knowledge is power!
  11. Have fun with it and don’t be afraid to experiment.
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