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Tools & Templates

There are many things that can make a website great; the style, user-friendliness, the level of information, the copy, the image quality, the load time… the list goes on and on. In our many years in working with tourism operators, we’ve seen all kinds of websites, the bad, the good and the excellent. This guide covers some of the hits of the Australian tourism website world. In this eBook, you’ll see what works and why.
Canva is an online Graphic design platform that allows users to create visual content such as social media posts, presentations, posters, logos, menus, invoices and more. Canva has three user access tiers; Free, Pro and Enterprise. For a small business, the Free or Pro versions are best. This guide has been developed for Canva users on the Free plan who want to make the most of their account. We will show you shortcuts, tips and tricks that will save you time and headaches when creating designs for your business.
It’s time your business levels up on Instagram and begin implementing more strategic elements to drive traffic to your website, increase sales and get more customers into your sales funnel! Our templates allow you to fully customise your link in bio to include anything you want, from your branding elements, colours, and designs within SECONDS!
social superhero calendar

Nip the ‘what the heck do I post today‘ syndrome in the bud with our marketing & social media content calendar. This one is a no brainer for any tourism business who doesn’t have 2h a week to plan their social media content. We’ve designed a tool that takes 24 (!!) months of content ideas for your industry and displays them in a dynamic calendar. We’ve also overlaid your region’s holidays so you can plan for extra special holiday content.

You know you could improve your Tourism Business’s online presence across your website, Google, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Instagram but you don’t know where you should start to make the biggest difference in the least amount of time? Tourism Tribe’s Digital Health Check is where you should start. We will conduct a ‘secret-shopper’ like assessment of your digital footprint and provide you with a 57-point report in plain English (no tech jargon here) that will show you step by step why each point you failed needs to be fixed, and how to fix it. Our recommendations are super practical and straight-forward. They link to self-help online resources and link to screenshots of industry-leading tourism businesses so you can visualise what you need to do and why it is important. Unlike many other health checks you may find online, ours is manually completed by our expert assessors who have received extensive training and have industry experience.  
Tourism Tribe’s ATDW Health Check can help you to maximise your listing’s potential to bring you new enquiries and bookings and will give you the confidence to know that your listing is working for you. Our experts will thoroughly check your listing against key criteria and provide you with a written report of straight-forward and practical recommendations that explain, for each point you failed in the check, why it needs to be fixed and how to do it.
30 days of digital marketing training for tourism businesses
The 30 Day Tourism Reboot is a set of daily challenges delivered directly into your inbox designed to help you improve your digital presence incrementally. Each day, we will deliver bite-sized tasks with written instructions, videos and examples to guide the quick and easy implementation of digital marketing strategies, website improvement, up-to-date social media advice, smart tools and so much more!


As a long-term member of Tourism Tribe, I know the training I am signing up to will be succinct, easy to follow, instructional and in bit-sized chunks allowing me to fit it in around my business schedule. It will always teach me something I didn't know or remind me of something forgotten. Tourism Tribe's NECI Course has been a great experience as it has allowed Australian Experience Operators to develop a baseline approach to using their gifted Tourism Australia digital assets. Australian tourism websites have never looked so good!


Fabienne and Emily are incredibly knowledgeable, their delivery is so clear and easy to follow. Their insight to looking at businesses from a customer's point of view has allowed me to change my focus and be more strategic in my approach to planning content.

Our Programs

The Bizkeeper programs are our signature programs and can be accessed individually or as a destination-wide program. If you are a tourism organisation be sure to check our tourism industry capability development packages here.

6 lesson self-paced
Digital Foundation Course Digital Bizkeeper 101

Designed for small businesses in the travel & tourism industry.

"I am so glad to have joined the Tourism Tribe course. After just 2 weeks I have completely shifted my mindset and have realised exactly what my business needs to move forward in the digital world. ! Kelsie Prowse, The Apple Farm"

6 lesson self-paced
Digital Foundation Course Bizkeeper 202

Designed for small businesses in the travel & tourism industry.

It covers the more advanced subject from the Bizkeeper 101.

Coaching and support

small business coaching by Liz Ward
Our private 60 minute one on one consultation offers the opportunity to help you one on one with leveraging digital technology smartly and efficiently in your business. You will meet with a practicing tourism digital strategist experienced in entrepreneurship, digital and coaching. It is the most effective way to get your business on the road to success and your enthusiasm levels soaring. In a world of abundant information, you can trust us with advice that will help you make the right choice, for your business and your circumstances.
The Tourism Tribe Digital Academy has been created to support tourism businesses that do not have a digital expert on their team. The Digital Academy provides assistance, guidance, tools and up-to-date self-paced online courses to ensure your business reaps all the rewards the digital space has to offer. Our Digital Academy product is available with different levels of support and offers different durations:

Digital Academy levels:

  • No brainer: this entry-level provides you with full course library access
  • Liferaft: this membership level offers fortnightly support calls on top of our full course library access
  • Rapid Response: if you need a digital expert at your fingertips and want to be able to ask one on one questions, this is our premium option. It includes full course library access, fortnightly support calls and premium support.


The digital marketing landscape has changed dramatically in the last two years and your customers are more tech-savvy than ever because of their increased use of digital tools over COVID.  Tourism businesses need to keep pace with these changes, but it can be a challenge to know what the opportunities are and how to implement them, but there is a way to improve your digital marketing without a headache! Join our 30-day challenge today to refine your digital presence, become more visible, increase leads and make smarter business decisions in line with the changing consumer and digital landscape.
Combine a full Digital Health Check of all your online assets with a private 60 minute 1:1 coaching session to gain clarity, direction and personalised advice on how to whip your digital footprint into tip top shape.
Our digital strategists will complete a full Digital Health Check of your online assets, including your website, Google My Business listing, TripAdvisor, Facebook and Instagram followed by a private 60 minute 1:1 coaching session (or three if you’re keen). These sessions are tailored to achieve YOUR objectives and fix YOUR issues based on your digital health check results. No cookie-cutter approach here! Following your Digital Health Check you’ll receive a 16 page report including recommendations for every part of your digital assets that need work. We’ll then book you in for a private coaching session with our digital and tourism industry experts to help you to gain clarity and direction for how to whip your digital footprint into shape.

Industry training

Self-paced short courses

Our self-paced courses are accesible in our membership and are also purchasable individually below. They are all online and you will get instant access.

Mastering Blogging
Learn how to construct fantastic blog posts with great content and imagery and how to distribute them for maximum exposure with potential customers.
Online Reputation Management
Get a fresh perspective on your online reviews. Improve your online reputation by exceeding customer expectations and utilising the feedback you receive.
This course will guide you through the ins and outs of Facebook to help you use it to expand your reach and engage with your target market more effectively.
Learn how to make the most of your presence on Instagram by consistently producing creative and engaging content.
Google Analytics
This online course will show you how to properly use Google Analytics to see where your bookings are coming from so you know what marketing activity works.
Email marketing automation

This short course will take you through the basics of email marketing automation and teach you how you can use it as a marketing tool in your business.

Successful Grant Funding
This online course demonstrates how to put together a concise and compelling application for government grants to secure funding for your tourism business. Access to a list of currently available grants is included.
Cash Flow Management

Learn how to create and monitor the flow of money in and out of your business and create a forecast to help you plan for the future.

NECI 404
This course contains the live training session recording summary of NECI 101, 202 and 303 courses
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