Website Top Hits eBook

What makes a website good?

The answer to this question is never straight forward. There are many things that make a website great; the style, whether it is user-friendly, the level of information, the copy, the image quality, the load time… the list goes on.

In our many years of working with tourism operators, we’ve seen all kinds of websites, the bad, the good and the excellent.

This guide covers some of the hits of the Australian tourism website world, focusing on one aspect per website to break down the components of functional, attractive and user-friendly websites. This eBook provides you with insight into what works and why.

This guide covers the following topics and provides examples for each:

  • Website Basics
  • Single Page Website
  • Contact Information
  • Destination information
  • COVID information
  • Product page
  • Video & Imagery
  • Blogging
  • Accessibility information

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