Setting up Live Chat on your website

Online chat is a must have on any tourism websites. In this article we will help you with recommendations and tips to configure your live chat to enable you to turn lurkers into bookers.

What is online chat?

Online chat is a tool that sits on your website that enables customers to interact with you directly in real time by chatting to you.

It’s the little box on the right hand side of the Tourism Tribes website that enables you to chat with me online!

These days, you can also use Facebook Messenger as an online chat tool on your website. Whilst it requires people to have a Messenger account to chat, it simplifies the management process for busy tourism operators as the chat request lands in your Messenger inbox, that you probably manage well already.

What are the benefits for your business?

Apart from the obvious benefits of being able to interact with prospects live on your site and allowing you to turn the lurkers into bookers, there are other benefits such as getting insights about your customers.

Increased customer satisfaction

The main benefit is increased consumer satisfaction, a live conversation is a more efficient use of your time and more likely to end in a conversion. The immediacy of your response tells your customer you’re serious about your business and their needs. It enables customers to ask specific questions and source additional information that may or may not be on your website.

Development of trust

When establishing a relationship with a potential customer, especially if you are requiring payment online, the development of trust is essential. Your business is no longer faceless it has personality, a person behind the technology.

Removal of barriers

You can actually see on your Dashboard what pages people are on and therefore understand their problem and ‘chat the solution to them.

Example of Live Chat Dashboard for

More efficient use of your time

For small businesses, the reduction in effort required to make a sale may not be evident, but if you consider the time spent to respond to several emails required to engage a customer it adds up over the year it adds up.


By using chat and developing a rapport with your potential customer you have the opportunity to up-sell. Find out if it’s for a special occasion and offer an additional service, just like you would on the phone.

Instant feedback and customer intelligence

When managing the chat you’ll quickly learn what customers are looking at on your site and where you can improve your content. If you see them searching you can offer to assist and provide exceptional customer service.

“I don’t have the time or the staff to monitor a chat”

The chat we use at the Tourism Tribe is called and has and app so you can switch to your mobile phone, this gives you the flexibility to carry on your business and still manage the chat line. It also has sounds that alert you of a question, so you can multi-task.

When you want to switch of the chat, it changes to take a message and delivers the message to your inbox.

You can also set up scheduling so it automatically turns on or off at certain times.

Which one do you recommend and how much do they cost?

Depending on your needs we will generally either recommend Facebook Messenger (yes, you can use it as a chat platform on your website) or They are both free!

At, we use

Measure the success

Once you’ve made a decision, I would suggest a trial period of 4 weeks and then review whether it is working for you or not.

You could:

  • Record the amount of chats
  • Check if there is a reduction in emails
  • Examine the number of bookings against the same period last year, to see if you are converting more visits to guests
  • Ask your customers what they thought (via the chat line)

Some other tips

It is important to set customer expectations. Make sure they know who there are speaking with and what time and days you are available. Remember to respond promptly to offline messages.

In some products, you can pre set your responses which is a massive time saver.

A must have!


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