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In this one place you’ll find all the information you need to improve your website to bring more customers to your business.

The Website hub covers the essential knowledge required to ensure you approach your website design and development so that your website represents your product in a professional way that is true to your brand.

Your website is the front door to your business and in today’s market place needs to be easy to find, easy to use and aligned to your brand and your target market.

This combination of website tutorials takes you on a journey through the practical steps of upfront design and build planning including service providers and technology selection, through to connecting domain names and hosting and the important aspect of content management systems,  images and video.  You will also learn about security and backing up your website and learn about having a website for the China market.

If you think your website could be improved or you are about to commence a new website development project, this is the module for you.  If you’re new to online marketing altogether, then start with the Getting Started Learning Hub first.

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  Must reads about Tourism Websites

  • Blog post template - Download our Blog post template, print it, put it on a clipboard and brief your team to work their way through one proposed blog article per week. You'll quickly see the increased traffic to your website in your Google Analytics!
  • Website 101 - Learn about the must-haves on a Tourism Website. You can also take an online assessment of your website to see how you are meeting the requirements of the online consumer.
  • How much should a tourism website cost and what should I look out for? - Many of our members are unsure about what is considered reasonable when building a Website. One of our members explains the basics, it's a great read.

Assess your website

  • Take this 20-min tourism website assessment to check if your website meets important must-haves on a tourism website and receive a PDF report with your results and tips to improve your web presence right away.


Program to improve your tourism website Website Immersion Training – Video recordings August 9, 2018 - Our video training includes a panel discussion between web developer, operators and digital strategist as well as a live online training session and a Q&A


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