Group Support Call Summary – 10 January 2023

A video summary and transcript of the 10th January Group Coaching Call which focused on Instagram and Website.
Topics covered: Website + SearchInstagram
First published on January 10, 2023
Last updated on May 23, 2023

Group Support Calls are one of our Digital Academy Membership benefits.
During our calls, both Tourism Tribe and Navii (sister company servicing small businesses) are in attendance, so you may hear references to both brands.

Automated video transcript

Molly Dobbins 0:02
Amazing. So we’ll just do a quick summary of both the website and Instagram room. Sam, we might kick off with you. How did you go?

Sam Ward 0:10
Yeah, great session, everyone in my room had some deep beyond-beginner experience, which is awesome. It’s incredibly helpful. So we can kind of start digging into some more technicals. We’ve talked about on page optimization versus Off Page Optimization, in terms of your website, and trying to make sure that from an on page perspective, you’re trying to think about the users experience, how effective is your site, actually converting that sale, you’re converting our sale, not through trickery, but through quality experience. And then off page optimisation, and when it says more specific tools. So we had just had a look at Google Search Console finish. And Google Search Console is a great tool for understanding. It’s a bit of an accounting tool, but for website, traffic and keywords. So how many people have actually come based on different keywords? And can I use those keywords that have been successful on other pages to drive traffic? And then the second part of that was answer the And using a tool to understand what search terminology is being used for to create content to draw more people into the website. So really good team are really good group actually. And I felt like the least everyone was someone who knows a lot of information, like for something that was useful. And the one thing I said to everyone is they have to go today, sign up for Google Search Console now, so they can start having a look at their keywords.

Molly Dobbins 1:32
amazing and even fantastic, have some key action items, walk away with definitely come back to the next session and let us know how you go. And we had a fantastic room there delving into Instagram fundamentals. Do you want to just give a quick summary please?

Emily Barry 1:46
Yeah, absolutely. It was great that, um, everyone in our group today was we’re kind of starting from the beginning, just, you know, about to thinking of delving into Instagram. So it was a great place for us to collectively as a group, start from the beginning, going through the newly structured Instagram course, to kind of looking at the roadmap that you would take, learning all the fundamentals, really understanding the role, the platform plays within your business, understanding if it’s something your target audience uses to learn more about your business. So it was just a great session to go through all of this information. And we as well have some action items to go through and complete, which was the first lesson which we will revisit in the next session. And hopefully, we can then start to get into content creating, which we started talking about. And some of us got really excited about that we’ve really put together all of these ideas. And yeah, it’s just gonna be a great journey together. So starting with the fundamentals, and we’ve got a great road ahead.

Sam Ward 3:02
Incredible. Thank you so much, Jim. That was a great summary. And definitely now great to have those action items, start out 2023 and really see how from now to the end of the year, our digital journeys, grow and the opportunities that come with it and connecting all the content together. will thank you again for attending the first session of the year. Make sure you sign up for the next one. And apart from that, have a great rest of your week. Thanks Sam and Sam.

Sam Ward 3:30
Thanks, guys. No worries, Emma


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