Group Coaching Call Summary – 26 May 2023

First published on May 25, 2023
Last updated on August 18, 2023

Group Support Calls are one of our Digital Academy Membership benefits.
During our calls, both Tourism Tribe and Navii (sister company servicing small businesses) are in attendance, so you may hear references to both brands.

A video summary and transcript of the 26 May Group Coaching Call which focused on Instagram, Website, Systemise & Secure Your Business and Fast Track Program.

In today's group coaching call, the Fast Track program focused on email marketing automation. Participants delved into the significance of segmenting their databases to ensure clean and well-organised data. They shared their experiences with platforms like MailerLite and Active Campaign, offering insights into their functionality and suitability for different needs. Compliance and consent were key topics, underscoring the importance of obtaining permission from subscribers and clearly identifying the sender in email communications.

In the main session, Sam took the lead in exploring the dynamics of Instagram and TikTok, highlighting the need to immerse oneself as a researcher and understand the captivating appeal of short-form videos on these platforms. Strategies for driving traffic to websites were discussed, with an emphasis on implementing lead funnels, such as quizzes, to engage and qualify leads. The session concluded with an emphasis on the iterative process of testing and analyzing data on social media platforms to refine strategies and achieve better results. The next coaching call is scheduled for June 6th at 12pm, providing an opportunity for further learning and collaboration.

Automated video transcript

Molly Dobbins 0:00
right, well thank you all again for attending today’s group coaching call, we might start off with the fast track group and check in there, Claire and Julia, how did we how are we progressing with the Fast Track program?

Claire McCollum 0:29
I may give everyone FOMO. But it was a really great collaborative session today with the questions that were being raised where everybody learned. So at the moment, we’re focusing for our Fast Track program on email marketing automation, which means we’ve got email marketing, where you do your regular campaigns. But then we have automation too, which is like the next step in email marketing, where we have a particular action that will trigger a sequence of automated emails to really, the whole idea is nurturing our site, people that are signing up or opt in into whatever our offer is. And then we’re really nurturing them through the information that we’re emailing them or giving them through email. So there were some really great questions that were raised about segmenting our database. So cleaning up our list and making sure that what we’ve got in our database or before we put it in our to our mail system, that it’s clean, and it’s segmented, so that we know who these people are and where they’ve come from, and whether their past customers, etc. purchase from us before or not, and what their interests are as well. So that’s something that’s really important for anybody that has an email list or that they’re importing them. And what else do we focus on?

Julia Retson 1:52
Well, we’ve got some people who are using mailer light, and we’ve got some people that are using Active Campaign. So it’s just a question of, when you’re first starting out with those two systems, you want to have a two pronged approach. So first, you want to set yourself up to get new new customers coming in using your lead magnet, which might be a pop up on your website. So you get that set up. And then you’re kind of in the background, what you’re doing is you’re your old list, you’re cleaning up all the fields, all the different names and such to make sure that the name includes just the name as opposed to this is Juliette. But sometimes she likes going by Julie or this is her nickname. So you need to make sure that you clean that up before you upload it. So that you’re able to segment which means picking, picking people based on certain criteria like are they from South Australia? Or are they interested in accommodation? Or are they family family friendly versus away for romantic getaway, so you want to be able to have your list nice and clean before you upload them. We also talked about compliance didn’t wait. So a little bit about compliance of getting consent of people have actually consented to getting the thing that you’re sending to them and then letting them know in that email that you automatically send that this is Julia from Tourism Tribe, because you signed up for this thing or because you purchased this product to make sure that people know who that you are.

Molly Dobbins 3:22
Thanks, Julio. Right. And I certainly have FOMO for not being in that session. So if you are hearing, you know, all this great work that that bass trackers are currently doing. Just as a FYI, we are running the program again, very soon, starting mid-June. So we will have information on that coming up very shortly alongside our quick wind webinars that we’re kicking off with in July looking at Tiktok. So that was something and it’s a good segue to what we talked about today, Sam, you really took the lead and talking about Instagram but also sort of the relation now to the popular platform of Tik Tok. It does make people nervous because it’s a whole new world that we’re delving into now with Tik Tok and short form video. But we also talked about websites. So Sam, I might hand over to you, what would be your top three key takeaways for those that were in our main session today? As they look for the next step?

Sam Ward 4:23
Yeah. First one is just a quick question Why does my really high quality, you know, produced video, get nothing but my 30 second low effort, video or post get a lot more. And the conversation started, essentially my homework for everyone’s room, regardless of where you’re at is to go on different platforms with the mindset of I’m a researcher, I’m not a user, and I’m just going to mindlessly scroll for a little while and like different videos that you actually do like so if you like the music or if you like the visuals or you think it’s funny or You think it’s educational like it and just start to get an idea of why these platforms are so, so popular particularly with younger crowds. TikTok is a completely different world. If you want to have a bit of a shock, go look at the luxury brand latest cars on Tik Tok the way that they present and brand themselves on their versus other ways on their own website. And even on Facebook, you will you’ll be shocked how silly they are. It’s like they’ve given the reins over to, you know, an 18-year-old geek, essentially, who’s just gone wild. And it works really well for them. So go use it. Before you kind of start ask yourself questions. Why can I make this work? Because you’ll get a lot of your answers. The second part we talked spoke about is obviously driving people to your website that you know from that social media concept. And there’s lots of ways to do that. But we started the social media concept. Second one was around. A lot of people in our fall were essentially consulting or coaching in their own industry. And using the idea of what is my lead funnel? How do I capture leads in the correct way and a big way within the advisory space is to make sure you have some sort of quiz, lead, lead funnel quiz in place. So verifying your leads, even if you are new, and you’re fresh the business implement that because people like going through that process of trying to understand maybe where they’re at and what’s what their options to go from there. So a really good example for for financial advisory from Sam, he’s you know, what, what is that you can kind of start to work out what their budget is and what they could potentially afford before you have your first call. So you can give better advice. So doing that financial, you know, call it financial health quiz for your business, implement that got many other options around there, some more affordable than others as a business and you can make the decision yourself. And the third one would really come back to testing out your data. I talk about this a lot. But if you’re if you’re looking at social media, and you’re unsure still, you’ve got to go through the pain of actually posting a lot. And then getting your data to say, did this work? Did this not work? And then ask yourself that question every week? What can I do differently? And how can I make this better? And it’s a learning exercise. But make sure you’ve gone in and in touch that you had a look at why it’s so popular what is popular by pretending you’re a user, even if you don’t want to. And like things, watch things, understand how the algorithm starts to throw more and more videos that you liked that you that you’ve liked, that you enjoy, and then you can kind of start to replicate your industry in that way.

Molly Dobbins 7:39
Yeah, great. Thank you so much, Sam. Yeah, it was a fantastic session today. And I everyone took a lot away from it. I saw you, Caroline. Yes. Because I know you have a lead magnet. That’s a quiz on your website. So that’s a great example of amazing. Well, thank you all again, that’s our group coaching call for today. I do apologise we have gone over a little bit. But the next one will be on the sixth of June at 12pm. So make sure you sign up for that one. And have a great day and we’ll see you all very shortly.

Molly Dobbins 8:09
Thanks, everyone.

Molly Dobbins 8:10
Thanks team. Thank you. Bye

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