Group Coaching Call Summary – 11 July 2023

First published on July 12, 2023
Last updated on August 18, 2023

Group Support Calls are one of our Digital Academy Membership benefits.
During our calls, both Tourism Tribe and Navii (sister company servicing small businesses) are in attendance, so you may hear references to both brands.

A video summary and transcript of the 11 July Group Coaching Call which focused on Website and Search and our current Fast Track Program.

The 11 July group coaching call discussed various topics related to lead magnets, email marketing, video marketing, and website optimization. In the New South Wales breakout room, the participants focused on understanding the progress of the program and the role of lead magnets. They discussed the placement of lead magnets on websites, the difference between lead magnets that add value and simple inquiry forms, and the importance of providing valuable resources to potential customers, such as a brochure on planning the perfect wedding. Feedback was given on each other's lead magnets, and participants were excited about the upcoming email marketing workshop to improve lead capture and customer communication.

In the Tourism Tribe and Navii intake group, participants shared their progress on video marketing. Two participants, Caroline and Julia, showcased their edited videos and received feedback from the group. The session included discussions on increasing views and engagement for their videos, advanced editing techniques, and creative concepts like relating camels to Chewbacca from Star Wars. The participants who were initially hesitant about video editing showed significant improvement and were actively working on strategies to boost views for their existing content.

In another room focused on websites and understanding the user journey, the group discussed the importance of regularly updating websites and creating valuable blog posts to attract and retain visitors. They emphasized the need to provide clickable information, such as phone numbers and email addresses, for a better user experience. The significance of the first 30 seconds on a website was highlighted, as it creates the first impression and determines whether visitors stay or leave. The participants were encouraged to self-review their websites and consider email marketing, SEO, and user experience to optimize their online presence.

Overall, the coaching call provided valuable insights into lead magnets, video marketing, and website optimization, empowering participants to enhance their marketing strategies and engage with their target audience more effectively.

Automated video transcript

Emily Barry 0:08
Perfect. So we might start with the new destination New South Wales breakout room. And I’d love to understand the progress that is occurring in that programme. So much great things happening, we go through a lot of things, just the process of where this lead magnet, what page, does this lead magnet go on your website? Is that the homepage? Is that a key product and service? Where does that fit in? And what’s the difference between a lead magnet that adds value as opposed to just the inquire form where they can get this information? Anyway, it’s understanding we went through the process of you know, understanding and going through others some other business examples of you know, you may not be at a stage where you want to click on the acquire button and add in all your information. But you should really want to download a brochure that tells you, you know, how to, you know, your guide to planning the perfect wedding, as opposed to, you know, inquire, to book with us as a wedding venue, like, a lot of people are not at that stage where they want to, you know, know the quote, but they, you know, want a beautiful magazine brochure template of how to plan their perfect wedding. So we kind of went through that we went through some of the examples, we were all giving feedback on each other’s lead magnets and what they would like shown, we just went through a lot of great things and getting them prepared for the email marketing workshop that’s coming up next, which all of them are really excited to kind of delve into and make sure that they are capturing all their leads and making sure that they are constantly communicating and had that point of contact to nurture their customers and get them to where they want to be, whether it’s like a follow up after their experience, or just to get them to the stage where they’re like, yes, absolutely. I want to book buyer experience with you. So it was it. I feel like we didn’t have enough time, but it was a great next steps. And yeah, wonderful. It’s great to hear of the great work that is occurring. And I’m looking forward to seeing some of those on the padlet. Let’s see what you’ve been up to. And for those in destination New South Wales. The other programme that starts next week, this is a great little insight into what you’re about to embark on. Now, we’ll get Sam to quickly just give a quick wrap up of the Tourism Tribe intake, a one eight and video marketing you’re currently at.

Sam Ward 2:32
Yeah, super excited. Both Caroline, and Julia. And it’s just those three of us. But it was a really, really great session, both of them have started posting edited video, which is super exciting. So Caroline hasn’t posted it yet, but just showed us a demonstration of what she has been working on for someone else’s as a testing ground. And it was really, really awesome to be actually able to sit in and get that feedback going that feedback loop of feedback loop from each other. We were able to spend some time actually reviewing the data and what really great examples from Julia around some of the work that she’s been posting and the difference between, you know, a couple 1000 views versus a couple 100 views and where those characteristics coming from. And then we actually started doing some a little bit more advanced editing concepts of getting other people’s footage off different locations and being able to edit it into our own footage to kind of create different scenarios and different jokes essentially, particularly around Julius camels and local insects that everyone found quite interesting. So one was relating a camel to Chewbacca from Star Wars. And how do you do that? So they make the same sound. So that was really fun. But yeah, we’ve got two people who I’d say when we first started it, we’re a bit hesitant around using the editing tools now editing and working out solutions to getting more views on what they’ve already got. So it’s fantastic.

Molly Dobbins 4:03
Incredible. I look forward to watching those videos. Fam you with the tourism tribe intake, one B, do you mind just giving us a very quick overview on what you guys endeavoured on?

Fabienne Wintle 4:16
I had a fantastic team, they’ve all done their Canva. So we went straight on talking about what’s coming up with email marketing automation, and how to transition from that Canva and think about the role of that lead magnet in getting more people from your website that would otherwise walk away without booking. So I got my team to think about how they could leverage off that lead magnet obviously on their website, but also for the, for their own teams when they’re out on the road. You know, how how can we use How can we get the staff used to collecting leads we also talked about value ladder. So all the stuff that will be in the homework for the next session. You’re already faster back through that was interesting. We had two different. We had a cider company. We had a winery. We had an accommodation business, and who am I forgetting? Someone else anyways, great, great, great discussion. Small Group. Yeah.

Molly Dobbins 5:19
Fantastic work. Oh, I love how fast track everyone is on. That’s brilliant. Now, Claire, do you just want to give a quick wrap up of our room? We really spoke to websites and understanding the user journey, didn’t we?

Claire McCollum 5:32
Yeah. So there were some great questions that popped up in our group this morning. Yeah, one of them was about having an accommodation business. And you know, how often should they be posting content on their website, which does really reminded us all about how important it is to never have a set and forget website, though, sometimes it’s, you know, we reach these goals. And we’re like our website’s, where it where we want it to be. And then we forget about it for six months, which is, if we want to make sure that we’re we’re showing in search results, we want to make sure that we are adding and updating our website and never forgetting about it. And a good way to do that is through blog, blogging, because it’s so great for SEO, but it’s also really good for our users. So if we can do blog posts that really answer our users questions and provide that information, we also retain our users as well. So basically, if we can do some great content on our website regularly in the form of blog posts, and especially now we’ve got chat, GPT that can really help with assisting with writing content, and coming up with some really great, helpful information or articles for our website, that can be really helpful to us, as well. So if you were someone that struggles with, with writing, now you’ve got this incredible tool that can really help. And just remembering too, that the website is our number one place that we’re in control of, as opposed to our social media channels. They’re not owned by us, either. We know how hard it is to get engagement. Whereas if we’re doing writing content for our website, we say for example, we do a blog post. And then it’s what we do with that blog post that that really makes it so basically email out to our database and let them know we’ve written this great article on you know, the, their favourite cafes of this year, or great places to have breakfast, or answering all those questions that we know our users ask us all the time we hold that knowledge that is of great value to them. So SEO user experience. Another thing that people constantly miss on their website is having clickable information, for example, a phone number, we all know how annoying it is when we finally find that place that we want to call. And then we can’t press on that now to actually make that call. So just making sure that our contact information or email address is clickable for our users. And what else did we talk about? I’m trying to remember now,

Molly Dobbins 8:20
just understanding you know, when the user comes on to you or your customer comes on to your website is that first 30 seconds like I said, like you meet someone in person first impressions. It says it all right there on your websites, making sure you’re nurturing it. And really, you know, sitting in the customers shoes and doing that self review as well. I think there was many great key takeaways. And thank you for that clear. So that is a wrap up of today’s session. Thank you to our coaches and all our programme participants in various programmes for joining us and taking the time. Please keep an eye out for your emails, messages you get from us. And we all look forward to seeing you soon at wherever touchpoint workshops next group coaching call, but look out for information. But other than that, have a wonderful day. And thank you again coaches

Fabienne Wintle 9:11
and do not close the room, Molly, because if you signed up for the website goals session, it’s about to start in this room as well. Everyone Thank you everyone. Bye bye

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