The power of Instagram stories for tourism business – how to build a sales funnel that converts

First published on June 23, 2022
Last updated on August 18, 2023
3 powerful Instagram stories for small businesses to cut through the clutter and turn lookers into bookers. Follow our guide to create a successful sales funnel.

If you do not use Instagram stories daily or weekly, you a severely disadvantaging your business. Follow along as we outline simple ways for your business to build an Instagram sales funnel that converts lookers into bookers!

There is no denying Instagram’s algorithm determines which content (posts, videos and reels) should be prioritised on a user’s Instagram feed.  Unfortunately, this means some users will never or rarely see your content. However, this is why Instagram stories are so great for businesses!

Instagram stories are more discoverable than feed posts because they provide a quick and easily digestible way to consume content. Some users have even been shown to view Instagram stories first as they provoke FOMO (fear of missing out) as they are only visible for 24 hours.

When it comes to creating captivating stories, you must make sure the content grabs and retains your audience’s attention and that they watch to the end. Your audience will remember stories that speak to their needs and interest, evoke emotion, entertain and contain easily digestible information.

Listed below are a few ways to achieve this.

1. Be clear, short and sharp

Successful stories that convert to $$$ often include quick and easy-to-digest content that provides value to your followers.

Especially, if the content uses clear, simple messages and examples.

This type of content also provides an authentic opportunity for product placement and promotion as you are not pushing your product/service/experience to your customers and demanding them to buy it, but rather showing the benefits and or how it can be used to solve their problems.

Small business example: Hairdresser edition


This simple story set about hair care positions this business as an industry leader that provides value and speaks to the needs and wants of consumers.

2. Consider Educational Instagram Stories

Educational stories are the perfect type of value-added content you can provide your audience. These stories can be as simple as teaching something basic and broad about your industry, product or service. For example, the health benefits of acupuncture, how to repurpose and recycle our product, a history lesson about the location, our go-to itinerary, a free software system that will save you clients so much time and so on.

You are the expert within your industry so share some of your knowledge. Think of some content themes for your business and start fleshing out specific topic ideas to create your content around.

Small business example: Acupuncture edition


Instagram stories by Acupuncture Wellness Co

3. Also create Behind the Scenes Stories

Behind the scenes of your business, day-to-day life, making a product/experience, a tour of your business, introducing staff, and interviewing customers.

People are fascinated with how different everyone’s life is…that’s why we humans watch so many movies and tv shows. We love living through others. Social media is very much a big part of this.

Behind the scene of Lady Musgrave Island day tour and everything passengers can expect to experience from the start time, activities and food.

Small business example: Tour edition

instagram stories for small business example instagram stories for small business example instagram stories for small business example instagram stories for small business example

Instagram stories by Lady Musgrave Experience

Stories are bite-sized pieces of information that may not be relevant in the long-term and or a great daily reminder. This is why this content is in your stories and not in your feed posts.

Therefore, when creating stories, be sure to not focus too heavily on technical information. Keep the stories short and sweet as this will give users a taste of what you have to offer and will get them coming back for more.

Our challenge for you…

Implement story content into your social media strategy. Aim to post valuable story sets (e.g. a series of Instagram stories either photos or videos that tell a story and have a beginning, middle and end – including a call to action) twice a week.

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