Group Coaching Call Summary – 27 July 2023

First published on July 31, 2023
Last updated on August 18, 2023

Group Support Calls are one of our Digital Academy Membership benefits.
During our calls, both Tourism Tribe and Navii (sister company servicing small businesses) are in attendance, so you may hear references to both brands.

A video summary and transcript of the 27 July Group Coaching Call which focused on Email marketing automation, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and our current Fast Track Program.

Automated video transcript

Fabienne Wintle 0:08

I had a fantastic session, its like my brain juices were flowing.

So we were in a group of advanced email marketing people. Danielle and Simon own a train and travel around New South Wales and then moved on to HubSpot A while back, they were saying that they used MailChimp as an email marketing platform and experienced the pain of MailChimp not being able to do what they wanted to do. So it was a great conversation for our two other participants in the room that haven’t jumped on board, not the train, but the email marketing train home. So funny to listen to them and their journey. We talked obviously, you know, it was really inspired by Danielle and Simon stage and where they’re at, which led to really talking about our value ladder and how to bring how to perceive our contacts in our system, as someone that’s always closer to the next step that you want them to take, as opposed to having this big cloud of lots of people in my list and just emailing them your monthly newsletter just trying to simplify the sales lifecycle, to always be able to send them an email that is gonna get them to want to take that next step, whether it’s attending a webinar, or buying or purchasing again, so we’ve had a really good round-up about those concepts and different platforms, that would work. And yes, some advice as well. For Annabelle, and Bridgette, on how to move forward with their businesses, so very advanced session on email marketing automation.

Emily Barry 1:45
Sounds amazing. Perfect. Claire, do you want to give a quick wrap-up of what you covered in your room today?

Claire McCollum 1:54
Sure, well, I think you’ll all be really jealous because we had a great session. So I guess what I would, there’s two things that we’ve focused on today. First thing is, is taking people on your journey. So Emily, only in a winery is going down the sustainability route. And there’s so much she’s taken in, like, has to take into consideration. But we talked about the idea of taking people along the journey with her. So rather than just presenting at the end of it, oh, we’re sustainable now. It’s like, are they gay, you know, in email marketing, or in our socials, like this is what we’re moving towards. This is what we’ve had to consider, you know, and getting that interaction from your audience to so what, you know, what do you consider a sustainable, what’s important to you, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So taking people along the journey with you when you are doing new, like anything new in your business. So taking those clients along with you, and then making it really personal to so rather than launching something at the end that can be picked by people that’s like, bringing them along the journey with you. So I really enjoyed that conversation. And the second one was looking at automation, but really automation for new subscribers. So making sure that like we’re talking about automation, but really going down to the grassroots making sure that first of all, we have a subscribe form on our website. And then once we have new subscribers, how we can also set up an automation for our new subscribers to take them along the journey to turn them from cold leads into warm leads, like thinking about in that automation? How can we address our customer’s pain points, knowing what their questions are commonly from the people that have already stayed with us or booked with us or purchase from us? And addressing those pain points through automated emails for our new subscribers to get them warming up and trusting us on that journey. So yeah, that was the main two takeaways of our session today.

Emily Barry 3:49
Main two takeaways, nothing Biggie at all. Yeah, yeah. Well, I had the lovely David and Tanya in my room today. And we delved into all things. Yeah. And the first thing that we kind of touch on is the different ways that businesses sell on Instagram and on Facebook and the process and in kind of what purpose this channel serves these businesses in their conversion strategy. So delving into the fact that some businesses may not directly sell on Instagram, but they use it as a channel to nurture their customers softly, not constantly selling them but nurturing their customers to like, their product or their personality or their passion about whatever business they sell. So we were talking about tourism businesses and kind of leather would work good businesses and how successful businesses come and you know, just show their passion they show as opposed to the product they showed the process and getting customers interested in the process and, and how like, for example, leather goods are made and the quality and the time and the experience it takes to make such a product is going to be so much more valuable to a potential customer than just like the end product or photo of the end product. And so we were kind of delving into, the purpose and the priority of just showing up authentically on socials, using it a way to just share your passion, share the value and experience that you have. Because that way, you can just nurture these customers into loyal followers. Because when they scroll through social media, the goal is to them, have them see your business or your name and be like, oh, I need to stop. And I need to watch this. Because they’re conditioned to know that this person provides value this person doesn’t try to sell at me every second of the day. I like watching this stuff because I learned something, I feel something I see something I you know, it just interests me or it entertains me. And that’s that’s the power in social media. It’s it’s learning how to communicate what you sell in a way that’s really organic. And then it gets to a time where you can convert, you can say, you know, we’ve got a sale on or we’ve got this product or it comes at a time and a point where you want to convert them. But I think we just you know, really emphasise and we started researching, you know how to get ideas of how to create this content. And where do you find your content inspiration of how to convey this? So we went through, you know, the TikTok rabbit hole searching, filtering, just to give Tanya and David, you know, more to work with in terms of, you know, not having to think so creatively because, you know, we, as business owners, I think you’ll agree that it’s doing 10 million things at once. Sometimes you can’t be the most creative person, it’s using inspiration and those around you to figure out how to best convey your, your product and your service and your message. So a long-winded explanation, but I think we’d be delved into some cool things and I set them in challenge and I’m gonna follow up with them today. So all things are good and well, but thank you everyone for joining today’s session. I hope you have taken something away from it.

And like I encouraged both David and Tania to commit to one thing, I want you to commit to one thing to do today. Take that one thing and at least put it on your list so you’re continuing on a journey of improvement and feel like you’re getting somewhere like you’re you know, you’re ticking things off, you’re feeling empowered, you’re feeling productive.

I recommend just putting something on your list that either Claire or Fab walked you through today. And we will come and check back in with you in a couple of weeks’ time on our next group support call. So thank you so much to everyone that joined today. I hope you took a lot away from it and we are so excited to see you back in two weeks’ time.

Thanks, everyone.
Bye bye

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