Group Support Call Summary – 23 February 2023

First published on February 23, 2023
Last updated on August 18, 2023

Group Support Calls are one of our Digital Academy Membership benefits.
During our calls, both Tourism Tribe and Navii (sister company servicing small businesses) are in attendance, so you may hear references to both brands.

A video summary and transcript of the 23 February Group Coaching Call which focused on Systemise and Secure your Business, Instagram, Website and Search.

Automated video transcript

Emily Barry 0:09
A great coaching session with all of these wonderful businesses here today do you want to quickly provide a summary of the tools and tips you had for securing and systemising, your website and business.

Emily Barry 0:30
You’re on mute.

Julia Retson 0:35
Naturally, I wouldn’t be on it. What we discussed today was a little bit about password management using systems such as LastPass to make sure that your passwords are secure, ensuring that your passwords are all unique and saved in a safe and secure spot that you’re not going to lose safe your laptop breaks. Also the fact that you can use something like LastPass across multi devices like desktops, and mobile phones, we discussed different websites safety features such as recapture, and honeypot

Julia Retson 1:06
reCAPTCHA, there was a bit of a question about reCAPTCHA how easy it is to set up the different systems. So reCAPTCHA one v two is the system that uses the tick marks and you know, the image selection that we’re all familiar with the actual setting up of getting your website able to use reCAPTCHA. Signing up for it is fairly simple. But you do have to put in a bit of Java code into your website. And that part may be a little bit more tricky. So you may want to speak with a web developer. And that I think, is mainly the things that we’ve discussed.

Sam Ward 1:44
Right? My time Em

Sam Ward 1:48
I sorry, is that was cutting. What really, really basic, if you can’t measure will be spoken about from a website and search engine point of view. If you can’t measure how you’re performing, it’s really hard to be good on to know what is going on from a search engine point of view. So make sure you get Google Search Console within your landscape. As a business owner, make sure you understand the really basics of what queries are and what are my key words and how they’re performing and what pages are performing well. And then also, then from their trial, different things, put your keywords that are successful on different pages, see how they perform their do they drag people to your products. And then try different types of content from you know, use a different education models onto it and tried to start implementing those things.

Sam Ward 2:42
And then Google Analytics or other options as well to know what the website traffic is happening. But you want to put a quarterly process in place to measure that. And that I don’t want to I want to keep it nice and basic, because I think that is integral. So Google Search Console, make sure you have it and make sure you know how to use it in a basic level.

Emily Barry 3:00
Perfect. And then following that, that Sam’s session talked about, you know, looking at your on page, SEO and optimization, and you know what keywords are drawing people into your website. And then we took that a bit further to kind of explain that, you know, that’s not the only white people can head to like land on your website, you’ve got all of these other digital marketing channels, whether it’s social media, email marketing, blog writing, that can lead your visitors to your website. So understanding that there are a variety of different ways that you can increase your website traffic sales and conversion, and understanding the goals you have on each of these different platforms. Are you achieving it? Are you looking and making data driven decisions? Similar to how you would analyse the data in your Google Search Console? Are you doing that on all your other platforms? Are you creating a cohesive strategy where you are consistently revising your performance? What you’re doing, how it’s working and attracting your target audience? And are you putting it all together so that you are seamlessly transitioning and attracting your customers? Regardless of what digital marketing channel? And are you feeding them back to your website. So just kind of at the very last of the session, just understanding that it’s not just your website, and how you optimise your website, but you know everything else that you can use too.

Emily Barry 4:27
lead people to your website, we kind of wrapped that up, and the last pass of this session. So thank you, everyone, again, for joining. We hope you enjoyed today’s session and what it kind of led to so we hope we answered some of your questions and giving you something new to kind of think about and take on in your business. So thank you guys so much for joining and we hope to see you in two weeks time.

Unknown Speaker 4:58
Thanks. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 5:00
Thanks guys

Julia Retson 5:04
thank you bye

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