Group Coaching Call Summary – 11 April 2023

First published on April 12, 2023
Last updated on August 18, 2023

Group Support Calls are one of our Digital Academy Membership benefits.
During our calls, both Tourism Tribe and Navii (sister company servicing small businesses) are in attendance, so you may hear references to both brands.

A video summary and transcript of the 11 April Group Coaching Call which focused on Website and Search and touched on Email Marketing.

On 11th April, Tourism Tribe and Navii held their monthly group coaching call. The session was focused on websites and lead magnets, and the key takeaways were shared by Molly, Emily and Claire. Emily advised that website owners should have a customer-centric approach to their website and consider the journey that the customer takes while navigating through the site. Businesses should provide fundamental information about their products or services on the homepage, such as social proof, a range of experiences, and a call to action. They should also figure out who their customers are and what questions they might have running through their minds when visiting the website, and provide relevant answers. Additionally, there are some great tips and website checklists available on the Tourism Tribe/Navii website course set.

Claire McCollum emphasised that a website is the most professional and crucial digital asset that a business has, and that it is a place that businesses own and control. Therefore, it is essential to invest time and money into creating a website that is done well from a user perspective, including having good SEO. Additionally, she emphasized the importance of ensuring that basic information such as clickable phone numbers and products or services are easily accessible on the website. It is essential to have good SEO to increase the website's visibility, as well as to provide a seamless and enjoyable user experience.

In addition to the key takeaways shared during the monthly group coaching call on 11th April, small business owners also utilized the interactive platform Padlet to document their key takeaways and next steps to be discussed during the next group coaching call. Padlet is a collaborative platform that allows users to share ideas and content in real-time, making it an ideal tool for remote group work and collaboration. By using Padlet, the small business owners were able to organize and document their key takeaways and next steps, making it easier to track progress and stay focused on their goals. This is an excellent example of how technology can facilitate remote collaboration and help small businesses stay on track with their objectives.

Automated video transcript


Molly Dobbins 0:02
Beautiful. So a today was a great group coaching call, which was nice and intimate today. And I felt like we did get around to everyone and address key topics, which were really websites and talking some lead magnets as well. Let’s just do one to three top tips. And I’d love to start with you Emily. What would be from what we talked about today, and what we were asked from our fantastic small business owners, your top tips, hot tips in order for them to go away and do those small, tangible actions. Yeah, perfect.

Emily Barry 0:36
A big focus of today’s session was websites, we all kind of started pulling up each other’s website started going through. And the biggest thing that I would recommend is have a look at your website from your customer’s point of view. And consider the journey that they would take to either learn about your business, learn about what you have to offer, and make it a seamless, you know, journey for them to understand. So we were going through some examples. And you know, before a customer takes any any type of make a decision, they click the book now the Buy Now button, they kind of need to have more information to make that decision, they need to learn about you and your business, what you have on offer, the range of different products, services experiences that you have, you know, some social proof all of these fundamentals on your website homepage, and then a call to action at the bottom that you know gets them in, whether it’s an opt in, opt in lead magnet or you know anything of that sort or whether it is you know, taking the next steps that could either be a book now button, or a free consultation like some of the lovely ladies have on their webs site here. So I guess it’s just figuring out who your customers are. And ask yourself What questions do they want answered? What? What thoughts and questions that they’re going to have running through their head when they start looking at my website and provide that for them and make the transition and you know, journey of learning about your business as easy as possible. So it leads from what is this to? I need this? So yeah, there’s a lot of great tips and website checklists in our website course set, I’m sure each and every one of these ladies are going to do first thing when they leave this call. But that’s probably what I would say, a big part of today’s session we went through.

Molly Dobbins 2:38
Amazing. Thank you, M. And Claire, what would be your hot tips from today? I know you really spoke on, you know, that website being that number one digital asset to really nurture that, but also the golden nugget of lead magnets as well.

Claire McCollum 2:54
Yeah, absolutely. So yeah, just in referring to Valentina’s journey right at the beginning of creating a website and trying to understand where to start and how to do it. So just the understanding that our website is our number one place that we’re in control of and the number one place that we own as well. So it is our number one place where it is the most professional, and then everything else stems from their social media, Google business profile, etc. review platforms etc. So we really want to make sure that when we invest time or money into a website, it’s done really well from that user perspective, which Em has touched on, and also from an SEO perspective as well which is equally as support important. Having that really good SEO perspective to or making sure that that’s addressed within the creation and the maintenance of our website. Secondly, we really want to make sure we’ve got our basics in place which covers both SEO and user journeys. So for example, clickable phone number to our products, etc. So that we’re able to be found in that whole wide world of search. Yeah, once again, recommend our website course that can really help with those basics and the checklists and examples and understanding why. Why some things can be really helpful for both SEO and our user journey and also the digital engagement health checks. So if you have had one of those before, I strongly recommend to go and revisit it and then just seeing how that links to the course for particular things you may have in place or not have in place and then you can go the course to understand more about it, etc. And then lead magnets so yeah, lead magnets. Once you’ve got all your basics and your foundations in place, a lead magnet is a really great way to capture as Emily mentioned the 95% of people that will come to your website, and then leave again because they’re not yet ready to purchase or or book or buy from you yet. So that lead magnet is a way to capture those people to keep them interested just like in the past, you give a business card or you take a little flyer or brochure, it is a way of exchange where you can give some one information that is a free and very helpful for them. In exchange, you get their email address, and then they get funneled into an email sequence, which is all about what it is that we’re we have given them. And then we try then to get them on our regular subscribers list. So we’re just pulling them in in a really nice way. And once that set up, it works for us in the background. So yeah, definitely recommend looking into a lead magnet one place to start would be just to have an idea about what is it that your business or your knowledge, what do you know that you know, is a very benefit to your target market? Or to the people that come and visit you? What is it they want to know? And how can we try and create that information into a really nice digestible piece of whether it’s a a PDF, or a nice little guide or something that will be as helpful to our potential customers.

Molly Dobbins 6:22
Fantastic. But there’s always another call for this beautiful, great segue. And thank you to those that have added their next steps. And we can’t wait to check in with you next group coaching call, but also feel free to email us along the way to see how you go. And we get really excited by that. And any feedback you might have about the courses as well. If you’re going to go away and do the website or SEO or email marketing course. That’s always greatly appreciated and welcomed. Can I now I can speak for him when I say that. Perfect. Yeah, there she goes. All excited. Amazing. Well, thank you all for joining us today. Our next group coaching call will be on the 27th of April, which is a Thursday from 10am to 11am. So join us there again as we delve into more digital topics, but also get to check in on how you’re going. And don’t forget as well to check out those Fast-Track Program workshops. If you’ve got any questions just feel free to call or visit us on live chat. And yeah, we’ll see you again for another great round of group coaching calls and thank you Em and Claire for joining me today.

Claire McCollum 7:31
Thanks everyone. See you next time.



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