Everything Tourism businesses wanted to know about Google My Business but couldn’t get answers to …until now as Google Marketing Manager joins live Panel session

First published on October 6, 2018
Last updated on May 23, 2023
Get your Google My Business questions thinking cap on and join Tourism Tribe for 3 live training sessions to make sure your business ranks on the top of Google Local Search.

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October 8, 2018

Fabienne Wintle, CIO, Tourism Tribe
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Everything Tourism businesses wanted to know about Google My Business but couldn’t get answers to …until now as Google Marketing Manager joins live Panel session.

Every second of every day there are 40,000 Google searches carried out worldwide.

Standing out from the crowd is imperative for tourism businesses that operate in an increasingly competitive environment, especially online.

‘Google My Business’ is one very effective way to increase your online profile but how do you make it work for you?

Tourism businesses can have every question they’ve ever asked about ‘Google My Business’ answered, thanks to an innovative online training session delivered by Tourism Tribe.

The online training runs throughout October and forms part of a new training program launched by Tourism Tribe, in August, designed to help tourism businesses be more competitive on the global stage.

The ‘fully immersive’ training will feature Jean Magalhaes, Marketing Manager for Google My Business in Australia and New Zealand.

Jean has been at Google for more than six years, working in the Sao Paulo and Sydney offices, during which time he has been dedicated to helping small and medium businesses succeed online.

“We are tremendously pleased to have secured Jean for our Google My Business online training, running throughout October,” said Tourism Tribe co-founder Fabienne Wintle.

“We only ever work with tourism entrepreneurs and consultants who have excellent workshopping skills and extensive knowledge and experience of, and passion for, their industry.

“Almost every day we receive questions from our members about Google My Business – from ‘what is Best Practice for managing customer reviews’ to ‘my tour location isn’t my own address’ and ‘how do I change my Google Business email address’, and everything in between!

“This training session will answer all those questions and more, and it’s available to everyone who works in tourism, regardless of where they are located.”

Mr Magalhaes said he was excited to be joining the webinar to share some Best Practices for tourism operators, helping them to make the most out of their GMB profiles.

“Google My Business is a free tool that allows businesses to stand out on Google Search and Maps,” he said

“Business owners can easily establish and complete their profile by sharing photos and business hours, as well as being able to engage with their customers through posts and reviews.”

The Google My Business Month of October will include an individual business assessment, a live panel session, a live workshop and a Q&A Session.

Dates for the ‘Google My Business’ Month of October online sessions are as follows:

  • Panel session – Tuesday, October 9, 2018, 11am – 11.45am AEST
  • Live workshop – Thursday, October 18, 2018, 11am – 12pm AEST
  • Q&A session – Thursday, October 25, 2018, 11am-11.45am AEST

During the Google My Business Immersion Month, Tourism Tribe members can tap into the private support forums to address any issue that may not have been covered.  Tourism Tribe experts will be on standby to answer questions and share tips with participants.

The ‘Google My Business’ Month is free for Tourism Tribe members and $44 for non-members.




Week 1 – Google My Business assessment (20 minutes)

As a warm-up and to get participants in the Google My Business + Local Search mindset, they’ll be given a short assessment of their Google My Business listing, which will identify areas to focus on, as well as a list of recommendations based on the results (participants are emailed a link to the assessment once they have registered).

Week 2 – Live Panel Session – Tuesday, October 9, 2018, 11am – 11.45am AEST

Delivered by successful entrepreneurs and experienced business leaders, including Jean Magalhaes, marketing manager for Google My Business in Australia and New Zealand, the panel will share their top advice for developing and improving your tourism website and traps to avoid. It’s the perfect opportunity to review your website and plan for its next evolution.

Week 3 – Live Workshop – Thursday, October 18, 2018, 11am – 12pm AEST

The live workshop will follow with case studies and step-by-step advice on how to optimise your Google My Business listing and other key components such as your website and citations to make sure you rank high in Google’s local search results.

Live workshop topics include:

  • Google My Business listing 101 – Getting the basics right
  • Additional configuration of Google My Business listing
  • Local search ranking factors
  • Optimising your website for local search
  • Other local directories and Citation

Each workshop includes a workbook with a copy of the slides and exercises.

Week 4 – Q&A session – Thursday, October 25, 2018, 11am-11.45am AEST

The Q&A session is the final session and will ensure all participants have the ability to discuss what they have implemented during the month and get any remaining questions answered.

Sign up here https://www.tourismtribe.com/training-program/gmb-local/


Editor’s Notes

Tourism Tribe is an online community of more than 1,600 businesses around the world and is a leader in digital technology and coaching for the tourism industry, helping businesses upskill when it comes to marketing and distribution, ultimately making them more efficient and more profitable.

Tourism Tribe is in the business of ensuring that the tourism workforce stays up-to-date with transformative technology and business opportunities brought by the new traveller, and that it leverages these new opportunities in the most time and cost-effective manner.

Their platform is built using the same practices they preach, leveraging interconnected free cloud platforms available to anyone, from anywhere, to deliver cost-effective training and the ability for any business, independently of their location, to share best practices without reinventing the wheel.

For more information about this media release please contact Tourism Tribe’s CIO Fabienne Wintle on 0405 063 580.

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