Group Coaching Call Summary – 27 April 2023

First published on April 27, 2023
Last updated on August 18, 2023

Group Support Calls are one of our Digital Academy Membership benefits.
During our calls, both Tourism Tribe and Navii (sister company servicing small businesses) are in attendance, so you may hear references to both brands.

A video summary and transcript of the 27 April Group Coaching Call which focused on Live Chat, Imagery, SEO and Fast Track Program.

Automated video transcript

Molly Dobbins 0:02
Beautiful. So we had another great coaching session today, particularly for in our main session, we looked at live chat, and imagery and gave a bit of some live data and feedback to Liz on her podcast. And then we also looked at SEO as well. And then we also had fab in another room looking after our Fast Track program participants, which I’m sure was a great session there. So I’ll quickly start off first. So we gave provided a bit of advice to David and Julie who are thinking and looking into live chat or giving it another go. We discussed the fundamentals and the differences between live chat. So we had a bit of a quick demonstration of talk to and the benefits and how I utilise that in my job and how you know, the insights you can get from it in connecting with your customers, which they are both quite interested in. We also discussed a little bit about chatbots. But we’ve discussed how you know, you want that human interaction there, which is a key aspect. And then we also talked about linking it, you know, the potential, depending on what you’re trying to get out of it to Facebook and Instagram, the messenger chat there. So it was a great, you can go down a rabbit hole with it. But it was great just to evaluate where they might, how they would use it in their business and which platform would be best. So the takeaway from that was to go and do the course. And if you have any questions to follow up with us, then we delve into Sam’s area of expertise. And did you want to give a quick summary about the journey we took with lizards getting feedback from our podcast, but also touch on SEO? You played

Sam Ward 1:43
a bit of activity and I think it’s a relative one for most people in, in small businesses. So it is what your expectations are when you’re going to invest time in anything. So as a customer, so if you’re going to pay money for Senator percent product, what would your expectations be? For Liz’s situation we talked about? You know, if I’m going to listen to a podcast, what, what would I expect? If I’m gonna spend 10 minutes versus half an hour? What am I expectations as a listener or a user? With that? Why would I want to stay engaged? Why do I want to finish it? And I think everyone had a pretty similar answer, which is it’s the content is the quality of content that I want to walk away, if it’s shorter, that it needs to be bite sized, and really, to the point. And that was quite in line with what this is actually doing. So it was good that she was shorter, shorter side podcast focused on her, her activity. So it was really positive. And just from an SEO point of view, it really just talking about expectations, and how it’s a slow activity with a lot of impact long term. But it’s just putting those step by step pieces in place, but also being patient and knowing that you have to do it, essentially. But just realising that it will take more time than you probably assume.

Molly Dobbins 3:00
Perfect, thank you for that, Sam and fab. Was there any quick summary you wanted to provide?

Fabienne Wintle 3:05
It was fantastic. So our Fast Track Program was all about using artificial intelligence and chat GPT to try and save us time in writing content. So we first talked about Well, I think everyone in the room and really played well have chat JpT some people way more advanced than me, like we learned that. Obviously, it stores your the results, but you can query it back, you know, like refer back to the conversation that we had. One tip that I gave, and we have to try to make sure it works is potentially when chap GPT gives you an answer that you like because you go in are so many questions and comes up with so many different answers. We’re going to try and give it a say okay, just make a note that this one is my favourite answer. So that when we go back and query past questions, our past answers, so just focus on the ones that I’ve told you were really good and were working for me. We also talked about different ways to prompt it not forget about going back to it and say no, I didn’t quite like this answer. Can you try again in a different tone. We also talked about obviously now this is this is facilitating the content, the text of the copy. But Tanya was mentioning that, you know, her problem is matching an image to that content and not knowing which image to match, but how to quickly find the image the same way that you’d quickly find a solution using chat GPT. So we talked about different ways to import images into Canvas and feed from your Google Drive your Flickr feed, etc to make it happen. And then we started going towards discussion about the next step about this whole system. It’s to choose a proper email marketing platform in order to deliver the chat, the chat GPT infused lead magnet that we’ve created. So it kind of confirmed that there’s two main systems that have been used which is mailer light, and MailChimp. And then we started talking about integrate Think email marketing to a CRM. So there’s quite a few people there that haven’t got a CRM. So we looked at different options. And we said, well, I said, the most important thing you find is one that integrates well with other systems because there’s not one system, they’ll do everything. So just think about the capability to integrate. So when you go in one system, online on their website, or you could ask chat JpT, I guess is what look at the integrations that they have. Because the last thing you want to do is put your own eggs into one basket that can’t be pushed anywhere else. So yeah, it was a fantastic little group. And everyone’s done really well in their own work into getting where we are today from yesterday, you know, yesterday’s session, and it was good.

Molly Dobbins 5:45
What a great follow on thanks for that firm. Amazing. Well, thank you, everyone, again, for joining us today. Make sure you sign up for the next group coaching call, which is the ninth of May. In the meantime, you’ve got your course library access, and for the fast track people. We’ll see you at the next workshop as well. Thanks, everyone. Have a good day.

Everyone 6:04
Thanks. Bye bye.

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