Create a list of Effective Call to Actions

First published on September 8, 2021
Last updated on May 23, 2023
Use this list of effective Call to Action to begin converting customers and have them take action from every post on your marketing channels.

Call to Action for your Marketing Channels

What’s the point of pouring hours upon hours of your time, effort and resources into creating social media content, writing emails and promoting your business if the content contains no purpose?

No call to action.

No next step or persuasion to buy, learn and read more!

Every single piece of communication and content you post should have a call to action (CTA) that is aligned with one central point. A call to action should tell someone what you want them to do next or remind them of something they already know. This point or CTA should not explain everything, but provide enough information to encourage people to take some type of action (e.g., learn more, subscribe, sign up for our free trial, don’t miss out, one-time offer, join our mailing list).

This is because your content is so much more powerful when it has a purpose. When it encourages customers to act and connect with your business.

That’s why we recommend you create a list of effective CTAs for every single communication channel (e.g. social media, email marketing, website, etc) and every type of occasion (e.g., soft sell, hard sell, holiday specials and general information).

This will not only save you time, ensure you always include a CTA but also help build trust with your audience.

Without it, your conversions will be low and you’ll never get the results you want.

Most people don’t know how to find a good call to action. So, we’d like to share these ideas with you.

Social Media Call to Actions

  • Click the link in our bio
  • Save this post for later
  • Let us know in the comments below
  • Turn on our post notifications
  • Follow us to see more!
  • Register now. Limited time ONLY.
  • Watch our highlights to learn more
  • Click on the link below to learn more
  • Tag a friend who can relate
  • Send us a DM if you have any questions
  • Tag 3 friends who…

Screenshot the image below to use at a later date

Instagram call to action examples

Email Marketing Call to Actions

  • Forward this email to a friend
  • Get the discount
  • Reserve your spot
  • Start your FREE trial now!
  • Click the link to RSVP
  • Register now! Limited time ONLY
  • Shop now
  • Get free shipping
  • Leave a review

Screenshot the image below to use at a later date

email marketing call to action examples

General Call to Actions

  • Swipe up for more info
  • Click here
  • Find out more
  • Get started!
  • Download here
  • Buy now save more
  • Learn more
  • Subscribe
  • Leave a review

Screenshot the image below to use at a later date

general call to action examples

Holiday-themed Call to Actions

We are so excited for the holiday season so we thought we’d include this!

  • Find holiday gifts
  • Order now, get it before Christmas
  • Spread holiday cheer
  • Our gift: 15% off
  • Shop Santa’s favourites
  • The most thoughtful gifts, click here
  • Claim your birthday coupon
  • Make their day special with these gifts
  • Show more

Screenshot the image below to use at a later date

holiday call to action examples

Use this as a starting point to create a whole list of effective calls to action that work for your business.

Here are some best practice examples:

call to action experience western downs example call to action facebook example

Share your list/content examples with other like-minded tourism operators on our Small Tourism Business Help Facebook group.

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