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Destination Marketing is every operator’s business and the #WePhilosophy helps you do just that!

It's imperative to understand the importance of destination marketing before marketing your own business. Learn the benefits of marketing your region here.

Tips to Nailing Destination Marketing

If it’s meant to be it’s up to us and that is how I penned the term the #WePhilosophy when it comes to destination marketing and appeal! The premise of the #WePhilosophy is that for your region to be successful at building awareness, interest and conversion it is up to every tourism operator also taking the responsibility of showcasing all the benefits and reasons about the destination FIRST then about you and the experience.

Taking a #WePhilosophy approach is powerful in encouraging you to propel your business forward as a destination ambassador. The #WePhilosophy starts with your website. So many tourism websites assume the visitor is familiar with your region and if they can not find exactly where you are and what else they can do around you when landing on your site it is a disservice to your visitor and your destination.

Six key benefits of taking a #WePhilosophy mindset for your business:

  1. Display leadership by becoming a key ambassador of your destination
  2. Opportunity to acknowledge and connect to the country
  3. Help the visitor develop greater reasons to visit your destination and in turn your business over others
  4. Give your website incredible search engine optimisation power and domain authority
  5. Become an extension of your state, regional and local destination marketing team giving you incredible networking and relationship building opportunities
  6. Opens the doors to create smart collaborations, packages and develop new experiences

In summary, the power of ‘we’ far outweighs the power of ‘me’ and what can be achieved as a collective. A quote I always love to share when I teach the benefits of a #WePhilosophy is ‘if we want to go fast go alone if we want to go far go together’ and I want nothing but for every city, region and rural destination in Australia to tell a bigger story about not only why you do what you do, how you do it and what you do but where you are and bigger reasons why a visitor should experience your patch.

ACTION: Audit your digital assets. Your website, your Instagram bio, your Facebook and any other network bios and about sections. Is it clear what state you are in, let alone what region you operate in? Add destination marketing love to your assets and share regular destination love with the content you share.

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