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Creative ways to advertise your online assets

Getting noticed and getting reviews are essential for your business. Here are some creative ideas you could try.

When Liz suggested I write a blog about “Creative ways to share your social accounts” I thought that sounds easy, but like all things online, it’s not quite as straight forward as it seems.

Getaway Elvis

My first decision was to “extend” the brief to include all things online, including web addresses, not just social media. I began to gather information and then it occurred to me, like all things online, where you should spend your energy depends on where your potential customer is in the purchase cycle.

So, for the purpose of this post I simplified it to pre and post visit (getting noticed or securing a review), whether you are either trying to secure a booking or get a review.  I should warn you some of these ideas are “out there” and I wouldn’t recommend doing all of them and risk annoying  your guests.  You know your guests and the opportunities you have to interact with them and the physical context of the experience you offer, so choose methods to share your online assets that are right for  your business.

Getting noticed

If it moves and gets noticed, then it is an opportunity, whether it’s a simple as adding your website address to the back window of the car or magnetic cars signs on the side doors. In fact on any sort of vehicle;

  • car
  • boat
  • jet ski
  • plane
  • golf cart
  • mini bus

Car and caravan wrap


This doesn’t just apply to tours operators.  Accommodation, attractions, restaurants and cafes can also advertise this way.

How creative you are is only limited to your imagination. Lady Elliot Island took to advertising on their plane!  So when the guest is on board hearing to the island, they are reminded of the brand and social channels behind the fabulous eco experience they are about to have.

Lady Elliot Island


If you are near an airport perhaps you should consider advertising on your roof.   Yes there is a such a thing and it’s called “roof ads”, for the larger players or accommodation providers on the flight path and it might be worth considering.


You should also consider the “standard old school” methods, on T-shirts, hats, stubby holders and car stickers. You can even consider foreheads, you don’t have to actually tattoo someone, although there are people willing to do this.  According to Google a woman in the US recently got a web address on her forehead for USD10,000!


You could do good old flyers, but in these days of environmental awareness perhaps this might not be the best option.

Securing a review

Now when trying to secure a review you can be a lot more creative, this is because the audience is engaged with you and you just need to make it easy for them to leave a review.

Caravan parks

What about on the back of the toilet or shower door? It may appear strange but people actually take their phones everywhere! I find this concept a little odd myself, but I guess people have time to think!  By putting your hints and tips on how to do this effectively right in front of them, for example a TripAdvisor, Facebook and Instagram symbol and your @username and #hashtag, you’re reminding them to post about the great time they are having.

Too far out there for you? Why not create a laminated sheet and see how you go!

Tours giveaways

As your guests are completing their tour you may give them a small giveaway.  The fabulous Capricorn Caves in Central Queensland give each guest a bookmark when they complete their cave tour and this includes their social symbols and @ and # tags.

Cafes and restaurants

Take away coffee cups, you don’t have to go to the expense of ordering new cups, just add labels!  Make sure you also use blackboards and message boards to promote yourself.  Like Elvis did in the top image, simple, cheap and effective.

Do you have a pool?

What about on the floor of your pool! Especially if you have a high rise building #myaccommodationname #mytown. Probably a little on the pricey side, but consider the captive audience looking down every day.

You could also consider Umbrellas, by the pool or during the rainy weather for your guests

Do you provide internet access in a central area?

Why not brand your Mouse pads? It’s cheap and effective and brand your wrist supports and pens too, even if they constantly disappear, you’re still advertising .

A simple Google search “branded mousepads” returns many options.

Remind guests in the cafe if you provide free wi-fi by placing a small framed poster or similar on the table and include your @username and #hashtags.

Accommodation internet access

Every accommodation operator provides internet access for their guests if they can…well the members of Tourism Tribe do, because they know that internet access if one of the most valued facilities by guests.  So as your guest is logging on, can you provide them with links to their preferred review websites for your business (TripAdvisor, Google and Facebook) and your @ and # tags?  It is a missed opportunity otherwise.

Other opportunities

Have you considered branding your in house games? like playing cards etc? The opportunities are only limited by your imagination and creativity.

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