What can you expect

  • During your session, you will receive training from an experienced and skilled coach who will provide you with advice and guidance to help you develop your skills, performance and business/career. 
  • Whilst our coach will provide support and insights in your session and may be able to fix a very specific niggling issue you have outlined, our coach will not be able to finish the work for you.  You need to be prepared to do the work and/or seek support for implementation.
  • Our coaches will provide you with clear links to courses in the Tourism Tribe platform and/or other specific tools so that you can ensure you take action so you can jump straight into implementation. However, if you prefer someone else to implement the recommendations on your behalf, do let your coach know during the session. They will put you in touch with Molly who leads our customer service team who will  provide you with a quote and/or supplier recommendations.

Preparing for your session

Coaching is a collaborative process and your coach looks forward to your active participation and sharing of thoughts and ideas to contribute to the session. However, a small investment of time and effort in preparation prior to the session will help you make the most of the time you have with your coach.

Ensure you have completed the below steps prior to the start of your session.

  • Be familiar with screen sharing on Google Meet or Zoom (refer to your calendar invitation for which system your coach will be using). Your coach may screenshare but it is highly likely they will ask you to screenshare as you will be logged into your own accounts.
  • Be logged into your Tourism Tribe account – your coach will refer you to specific courses for further reading
  • If you have recently had a Digital Engagement Health Check or ATDW Health Check done, have it open and/or printed – you will find it in the Resources session of the members lounge.
  • Please ensure that you are fully logged into the accounts associated with the tools you have outlined in your coaching objectives when you booked (if you have forgotten you will find these in your digital calendar/inbox with the meeting confirmation). This will allow for a more comprehensive and productive conversation with your coach.
    Accounts you should be logged into, per topic:
    • Local Search: Google Business Profile
    • SEO: Your website, Google Analytics and Google Search Console
    • Website: Your website (and ensure you had admin access)
    • TripAdvisor: TripAdvisor
    • Facebook: Facebook account
    • Instagram: Insta account (you may wish to also join from your phone to be able to broadcast your issues from your app)
    • Meta Ads: Meta ads manager
    • Advice with Google Workspace: Google workspace login

At the end of the session

Your coach will wrap up 5 to 10 min before the end of a session to summarise – in writing – what was achieved and what their recommendations are moving forward.

This is also the time where you may wish to mention you would like further assistance such as implementation.

You will receive an email post-session with the next steps recommended by your coach, as well as a link to your feedback form.

Rescheduling or cancelling

  • If you need to cancel or reschedule please use the button in the confirmation email and/or the link in your calendar event. A coaching session may be rescheduled two times and after that it will be deemed forfeited.
  • If a session must be rescheduled, at least 24 hours notice needs to be given or else it will be deemed forfeited.

Get to know your coach

Excited to meet your coach for the first time? Find out more about them below.

Claire McCollum

I love the tourism Industry as most people are working in a dream job they have created for themselves. So I find I meet with such passionate business owners that are really dedicated to delivering excellent customer service and want to provide a quality product.

Clem Lallement

Clem Lallement

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

Courtney Adamson

Supporting businesses with engaging storytelling and guest experience refinement is what lights me up. I love helping businesses identify and prioritise an action plan that reduces overwhelm and supports taking one step forward at a time.

Emily Barry

I love gaining clarity on the session overview with a client and discussing what success looks like for that individual so that we can set goals right from the start of our time together.

Fabienne Wintle

If you focus too much on the hole you miss the donut!

Julia Retson

Kerrin Wallace

There are a few characteristics that I think make a great coaching session. One of the most important for me is trust - clients have to trust that I will ask relevant questions, challenge their ideas and suggest alternatives when appropriate. In return, they need to trust that I will listen, understand what they are saying and help them move forward on their own or with some collaborative action on my part

Liz Ward

I love to find out the passion and values that my client has for their business...what's their why? It's an excellent place to start for building out a plan and developing a marketing strategy that attracts the person who is their ideal customer who can connect with their passions and values.

Mandy Murray

My sweet spot is supporting business owners who are being blocked by an underlying issues to illuminate and guide you make meaningful and sustainable change. It's all about finding that rocket fuel to get you fired up and energised about your business.

Sam ward headshot

Sam Ward

I love seeing people succeed, particularly when they didn't think they were capable.

Vicky Trainor

From brand awareness to competitor analysis, the user experience, website design & structure and content evaluation, I love to pinpoint the opportunities where simple actions can make the biggest impact on performance.

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