6 steps to ensure your online presence appeals to multi generational travellers

First published on July 11, 2016
Last updated on May 23, 2023
Multi-generational travel is increasing, so how can you adapt your business and benefit from this trend?

In this post we explain what multi-generational travel is and how you can effectively market to this group. We examine what makes them different and take a step by step approach to adapting your online presence to maximise your efforts.

Step 1 – The research phase

What is multi-generational travel?

Multi-generational travel is defined as travel for 3 or more generations travelling together, it may be for a short break or milestone holiday, it could include your children, parents and grandparents or nieces, nephews  etc. It has become popular as a way to reconnect with family that may live far apart and generate wonderful memories.

With people living longer and the wide variety of holiday experiences on offer,  how do you know as a tourism operator  if this market is an opportunity for you?

Let’s start by quickly explaining why consumers are taking these holidays.

What are the benefits of multi-generational travel?

Most obviously, the time spent together and a chance to appreciate your family. If you are the grandparent it could be as simple as the chance to let you children have a break and enjoy a night out as a couple. If you are the parent it may enable you to give your children a wider variety of experiences especially if the children are young or there is a wide age range. For the grandchildren and opportunity to a get little spoilt  but as they grow older create wonderful memories.

Unlike most holidays this one is a win-win-win!

Step 2 – Establish if your business is a good fit?

Examine your product

Ask yourself some very simple questions.

Do you really have a tourism product that suits this type of group? Do you have the correct room configurations? Do you have enough space and facilities/activities to suit everyone? If you are a tour operator, does your tour appeal to all age demographics, if not could you adapt one of your tours? Maybe make it shorter in duration, leave slightly later and get home slightly earlier and ensure a balance of activities.

Step 3 – Select the right platform to market your business

If you can wholeheartedly say yes, then you have the right product for this market then the next thing you need to do is market correctly. The motivation for multi-generational travel differ with each travelling group and as each generation has a slightly different use of technology, this combination can be challenging.

The younger generation may use Snapchat, their parents may be pretty digitally savvy and rely heavily on their mobile phone, the grandparents may be Facebook pros.

So how can you easily and cost effectively navigate the digital landscape to ensure success? You can start by updating your content on your own website.

Step 4 – Update your content.

Start displaying images and video in which this type of group can relate, who wouldn’t want to enjoy a ride like this? Still images are effective but video is even more impressive and so easy to create on your smartphone.



You then need to…

Amend your copy

Take a look at your motivational copy and see if you can adjust the content to appeal to this market, use words that evoke emotions, you could even break down tariffs to show how affordable this type of holiday could be. For example under the tariffs for say $240 per night, write that’s only $60 per night for each adult travelling together.

Explain how your operation could work for extended family groups, for example “after a hard day at Movieworld  and dinner is done, you can relax with a glass of red within earshot of the children”

Step 5 – Select Facebook business as your test platform

We consider in 2016 the most effective platform for this multi-generational market will be Facebook. Most generations will be familiar with Facebook, so test the market and start having the conversation using Facebook. Add new images and share the content that appeals to this market and use the Facebook ads to target your audience.  By doing this you can cost effectively test the market and encourage this type of visitor group.

and..don’t forget to have your website address displayed  on your Facebook business page.

Step 6 – Review

Finally, review the results, you can do this by recording your bookings and cross checking against your digital activity, that way you can easily  and measure your return on investment.

So there you have it, with a little research and these simple steps you can improve your chances of tapping into the multi-generational market. Why don’t you try it?

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