3 Steps to Creating Tourism Packages and Bundling Experiences

First published on September 10, 2021
Last updated on May 23, 2023
Learn how to grow your business by building new experiences through the spirit of collaboration, tourism packages and bundling experiences.

Tourism Packages and Bundling

You may have heard about the customer pathway to purchase or what some marketers refer to as the ‘sales funnel’. What we want to talk to you about today is the steps before that, and that is developing visitor-centric experiences that surprise, delight, WOW and transform a visitor experience from a MEH emoji to a dancing, love heart eyes and rainbow emoji!

Many experiences are developed organically without much strategy or planning.

Accommodation providers book overnight stays, bus tour operators pick up, take the scenic routes and transport passengers, walking tours set out on foot to explore places and spaces where the automobile can not and in my experience, aviation-inspired experiences take flight and delight guests in views and adventure from the sky.

All singular, specialised experiences and experts delivering excellence in their own respective ways.

But what if they worked together?

That’s where experience development comes in. Some call it packaging some call it bundling all in all it is building your business by building new experiences through the spirit of collaboration.

There is one simple, trusted and most effective formula for you to do continue to build your tourism packages and bundling experiences and allow you to build your business and the three steps involve answering three simple questions that go a little something like this:

1. What do I do?

What do you do and do really well, so well that there is no one else like you doing what you do?

Example: I managed a leading hot air balloon operation Global Ballooning Australia for a very long time and what we did (and continue to do) very well was safely deliver 1-hour hot air balloon flights over the city of Melbourne and Yarra Valley. Two signature experiences that we offered and safely executed to thousands of visitors per year.

2. What don’t I do?

What do you not do, never have any intentions of doing but know that others do really well?

Example: My hot air balloon business had a key and main focus on delivering hot air balloon flights. What we never did or had any intentions of doing was a restaurant or accommodation and we never had any intentions of doing so either.

 3. What CAN I do in the spirit of collaboration?

You now know what you do, and you know what you don’t do. I also know that every region, every destination has incredible like-minded and passionate friends that can work with you to create new inspiring experiences and adventures.

And just like that, a new experience is born!

Example: My first overnight package was a ‘Stay and Fly’ experience with a local accommodation business. Our passengers, who may have not considered an overnight stay were presented with the option to make the most of their balloon flight and enjoy an overnight stay in the region. One experience and one transaction for the consumer, two businesses and an entire region who benefits by having a visitor spend more time in the region.

For more information on the development of your package, defining the operational process and package promotion, click here.

In summary, creating new tourism packages and bundling experiences is as simple as partnering with fellow, like-minded operators who complement what you do and you complement what they do. Low cost, low risk with high benefits and returns.

ACTION: Have a go at the above exercise and reach out to us and share what new experiences you have added to your wonderful tourism business?

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