Generation X

If one of your target markets is the Generation X, then this post is for you.

We’ll explain who they are, what platforms they use and most importantly what content you should be sharing with them. Avoid the scattergun approach and target your time and efforts to ensure maximum return.


Who are Generation X?

They are customers born from 1965-1976 and have the second highest amount of disposable income. Generation X works to live rather than lives to work.  Their children may be just about ready to leave the nest, or maybe returning again!

A combination of these facts means that they are more likely to take holidays and short breaks.

They like me,  grew up with computers and technology has been woven into their lives, so adaptation and use of new devices is not as difficult as it is for the Baby Boomers.

Here are some general characteristics of Generation X. They may be worth considering when you are considering your content and what platform to share it on.

  • Generation X is independent, resourceful, and self-sufficient
  • In the workforce this generation as learned and adapted with technology
  • They adapt well to change and are tolerant of alternative lifestyles
  • Generation X is ambitious and eager to learn


What platforms are they using?

Generation X are not great fans of Instagram with only 8% actively using it. They do like Websites, Facebook and Twitter and they like to download video content. So with the growing trend to use video to market your business they are a good fit in your Social Media content plan.

They are very brand loyal, so if you can encourage them to like your brand or if their brand values align with yours they will be great advocates.

Source Social Media Today Infographic – August 2017


So, if Generations X are your target market, here are our 5 top tips

  1. The most important thing is to ensure you have a positive online image to reach Generation X customers, using text, imagery and video
  2. Promoting your business heavily using video content across your Website and Facebook platforms
  3. Schedule your video posts on Facebook in the evening
  4. Ensure your brand values are evident to your customers and make it easy for them to advocate on your behalf,  68 percent of Generation X users make decisions based on online reviews. So link to ALL your reviews on your Website.
  5. Showcase the luxurious and comfortable aspects of your business offering.


In summary, it’s your Website, Facebook and Twitter that appeals to this group and the heavy use of video is recommended.

Try to focus your efforts in these areas for this target audience, and don’t forget to measure what you do, do more of what works and less of what doesn’t to hone your success.

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She lives on Australia's Southern Great Barrier Reef in Agnes Water, Queensland where she volunteers her time to help local businesses use the internet.


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