The Story behind Casstronomy

Ready for your kitchen, nutrition and well being, a chef and wellness coach, transforming health, wealth and happiness in a creative way designed for quality, fun, real no nonsense how to and self coaching skills. Personalised support for individuals or groups to achieve long lasting change. Over 35 years experience under my apron, a consultant, chef, trainer, and certified food and wellness coach. Qualified restaurateur, business, hospitality, commercial cookery and vocational education trainer, branched into diet, nutrition, food psychology & kitchen medicine. My niche is supporting people, businesses and the hospitality industry to transform into a healthier state. Committed to results in improving culinary lifestyles with specialised industry experience.

Who are the people behind your business

Over the past 30 years, I have grown strong skills working in the Hospitality Industry, branching into food and wellness. My experienced has been skillfully honed across a broad range and diverse cross section of offerings, Training and Teaching in Australia and abroad . I embrace domestic and B2B markets to share my knowledge and skills on how to for a quality culinary lifestyle.

Tell us something quirky or memorable about you, your customers or your business

I remember when I signed up to complete my apprenticeship as a Chef as an eager but unconfident 15 year old me, the apprenticeship board which it was called in those days said to me “and at the end of 4 years you will get to go to a dinner and be presented with your trade certificate”. I remember thinking oh my God, I will never make that goal, I went on to complete my apprenticeship, winning an award for the most outstanding female in a non traditional trade, I was the youngest, smallest and the only female in my class when I began. going on to achieve a full career that has taken me half way around the world…….and Australia. If I can, you can and I get a massive kick helping you achieve your culinary and selfcare goals to propel you in your life.

Cassandra is an excellent trainer and mentor to any student group, thorough and committed to her tasks, Cassandra not only ensures that her students not only receive compliant and essential training, but also a healthy dose of Culinary love with a dedication to the craft of taking a list of ingredients and turning them into something special. I have observed and managed Cassandra in a situation of training international Students in Commercial Cookery and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

What is a thing you love about your business?

It gives me butterflies to teach others how to reverse the deleterious effects of poor diet and lifestyle, empowering learning practical effective cooking, nutrition for selfcare in a fun environment with evidence-based skills. I thrive on helping hospitality businesses achieve their best results too. My commitment and focus have been to improve people’s health, wealth and happiness adopting the moto “be the best you can be”. With my cute little diabetic puppy Miss Truffles, “that is another story to tell”, I continue my work moving to more online delivery so I am able to care for her needs. Helping others achieve their best selves for a quality culinary lifestyle this brings me great joy.

What is the company background?

Casstronomy started as a blog in 2010, finishing up at my restaurant and catering business after 10 years, got married, helping my husband in his hospitality consultancy business, travelled globally, I focused on my health and studied food and wellness coaching. With all this new knowledge and how much better I felt, I had a burning desire to share and help others benefit from my discovery. My passion morphed into a food and wellness coaching business with a blog, which I registered as a new company name, one day another company threatened to sue me for trade marking. Instead of giving lawyers the fight, I wound up the company and returned to my little sole trader business that was still registered and changed the business to better suit my customers needs, Casstronomy was reborn.

What is your ultimate vision for your business?

My ultimate vision if I look back in 20 years time is to have enabled others to move forward for a better life, to achieve their goals by working smarter not harder. In teaching fast nutrition, healthy cooking skills and giving people the tools to create their own wellbeing goals with self coaching strategies achieving their transformation’s and change, “its achievable”. To help everyone learn the skills “the real information” to start “the doing” in a way that works for them, design their culinary life and self care plan for success not at the cost of their health.

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