The Story behind Outback Opal Tours

“Real Opal Adventures in Lightning Ridge” by Outback Opal Tours brings you authentic experiences in Lightning Ridge. Led by tour guides with opal mining backgrounds, you will get to explore the area’s unique landscapes and history. Our Full Day Tour offers insights into opal mining, including visits to unique bush pubs and opportunities for opal fossicking. For those limited in time, we also offer a shorter, comprehensive experience. Our daily three-hour Town Tour captures the essence of Lightning Ridge and includes a guided underground exploration. Both journeys uncover the region’s secrets and mesmerizing stories of past and present. Join Outback Opal Tours in Lightning Ridge for a true adventure in Australia’s opal country.

Who are the people behind your business

Petar Borkovic, a second-generation opal miner from Lightning Ridge, and his wife, Franka, who moved here from Germany in 2006, are the driving forces behind Outback Opal Tours. Together, they share a deep passion for their unique outback town and the black opal mining industry, leading the company to showcase the authentic opal mining experience.

Tell us something quirky or memorable about you, your customers or your business

One memorable aspect of Outback Opal Tours is the story of how its co-owner, Franka, came to Lightning Ridge. Originally a backpacker from Germany, Franka arrived in 2006 and found herself completely enchanted by the town’s vibrant multicultural community and the allure of opal mining. This unexpected love affair with Lightning Ridge not only changed her life’s course but also led to her joining forces with her husband, Borko, in the opal touring business. Their story is a testament to the unexpected journeys life can take us on, and how sometimes, a place can capture our hearts in the most surprising ways. It’s this sense of adventure and discovery that they bring to every tour, inviting guests to experience their own memorable stories in the unique setting of Lightning Ridge.

5-star Outback Opal Experience (TA review July 2023 Jennifer G.) We went with Outback Opal Tours on their Full Day Tour and had a great day with tour guide Nat. Pick up and delivered back to our accommodation was on time. We were told local history and stories of the outback way of life on tour, which helped us understand what a hard life these Opal miners endure out there on the fields. All the people from this company were very informative and friendly. We went fossicking for opals and although we only found potch it was a great hands-on experience. A must-do tour when in Lightning Ridge!!!

What is a thing you love about your business?

At Outback Opal Tours, what gets us up in the morning is our love for making a real difference in people’s holidays. We’re all about creating those unforgettable memories for our guests. There’s something special about being ambassadors for Australia’s national gemstone, the black opal. It’s not just about showing it off; we love educating folks about this precious stone, helping them not just see it but truly appreciate its beauty and significance. That moment when someone’s eyes light up with wonder – that’s what we live for!
Outback Opal Tours

What is the company background?

Outback Opal Tours began in 2004 to showcase the true spirit of the Australian outback, combined with rich history and information about the famous Lightning Ridge Black Opal. The company was founded by local enthusiasts with deep connections to the opal mining industry. They aimed to share the unique character and passion of Lightning Ridge with visitors, offering authentic and memorable experiences in one of Australia’s most fascinating opal mining regions. This vision continues to drive the company today.

What is your ultimate vision for your business?

The ultimate vision for Outback Opal Tours is to preserve and celebrate Lightning Ridge as one of Australia’s last frontier places, rich in opal legacy. We strive to be a bridge, bringing city dwellers into the heart of outback hospitality, often for their first authentic experience. Our goal is to boost regional tourism, support local jobs and preserve the charm of our multicultural mining town. We’re committed to keeping Lightning Ridge a bucket list destination, ensuring its enduring appeal for travelers seeking unique experiences.
Outback Opal Tours

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