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Improving your Tourism Business’s Imagery


You’ll learn crucial tips to take great photos by yourself, even with a smartphone. Upon completing this course, you’ll also know how to edit, resize and optimise your images for your website. Finally, you’ll also learn critical information with regards to how to select and vet the skills of professional photographer prior to hiring them!

Course topics

  • Editing and resizing your images
  • The best programs to edit your images
  • Where to get royalty free stock images
  • How to optimise your images for SEO
  • Setting up an image strategy (website, photo sharing, competition, copyright)
  • Images case studies
  • How to choose a photographer
  • What to expect and consider when working with photographers
  • What kind of images you need for online platforms and relevant requirements (e.g. website, Google Street View, OTAs, social media, ATDW, etc)
  • Basic DIY photography tips; advice on when it’s possible and most suitable to get behind the lens

30 minutes

Improving your business images

This tutorial explains how images are used to better tell the story of a business, to convey a message and to allow a customer to visualise themselves enjoying the experience you offer. The tutorial also explains how search engines perceive understand your images, why you should consider developing an image strategy and provides a snapshot guide to image copyright.
30 minutes

1 hour

Making the most of your relationship with photographers

In this video workshop, professional photographer Nathan White discusses how you can take control of your business’ imagery by improving your understanding of how images can be used across online channels, how to choose the most suitable photographer for your needs and budget, and tips for taking your own high-quality photographs.
1 hour

30 minutes

Editing and resizing images for the web

This tutorial is a guide to the practical aspects you need to understand in order to work well with your images online, it includes a breakdown of the technical components of images, instructions for how to take a great photo, how to edit and resize images and a list of the size requirements for uploading in different online contexts.
30 minutes

Guest Presenters

Nathan White

My name is Nathan and I specialise in travel, landscape and commercial photography. My main service area takes in Rockhampton, Yeppoon and the wider Central Queensland region. I love being outdoors exploring and photographing the natural world, and I especially love passing on the knowledge that I have gained over the years to others that are just starting out in photography through my personalised workshops. My images have been featured in inflight magazines, state-wide tourism marketing campaigns and various other publications. I am also a Google Street View trusted photographer. Prior to running my own business, I worked in Information Technology and Tourism Marketing.

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Thousands of tourism businesses worldwide as well as leading tourism organisations


One of the best ever TT webinars - an extremely knowledgeable presenter in Nathan White (and easy to listen to and follow), and the session very capably facilitated by Fabienne Wintle. (She anticipated my questions before I could get them typed - almost like a mind-reader...) Fantastic session. Thank you for this opportunity.

Carole McGibbon (Alex Beach Cabins and Tourist Park)

It was good and I found it really practical and useful, The most useful part of the training was the DIY tips!

Britt Styles (Discover Central Australia)

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Our courses are a mix of video and text – depending on each lesson.