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A positive online reputation is the absolute foundation of successfully marketing your business. Potential customers will use your online reviews to gauge the quality of your services and make decisions based on what others say and how you present yourself online. By the end of the course, users will be able to implement a strong online reputation management strategy to protect their business as well as develop an arsenal of proactive techniques to increase and manage their online reviews. This includes understanding how to shape your offerings and marketing material around your business’s strengths, how to set customer expectations for a more positive experience, and how to follow up with customer experiences through a clear set of procedures for stimulating and replying to customer feedback.

Course topics

  • Importance of a positive online reputation
  • Using online reviews to gauge service quality
  • Implementing a strong online reputation management strategy
  • Techniques to increase and manage online reviews
  • Shaping offerings and marketing around business strengths
  • Setting customer expectations for positive experiences
  • Following up with customer feedback through clear procedures
  • Introduction to online reputation management
  • Assessing your understanding and strategy
  • Analysing your online reputation
  • Updating offerings with data-driven decisions
  • Enhancing online reviews
  • Online presence checklist
  • Developing an action plan for online reputation management

Course outline


Will I get instant access?

Yes, you’ll automatically be sent the link to the course upon payment via credit card and you’ll be able to start learning and implementing your learnings right away

Are there any videos in the course?

Our courses are a mix of video and text – depending on each lesson. 


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