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Map out a Digital Marketing Strategy


A digital marketing strategy is a roadmap of your overarching goals and objectives for marketing your business online. This includes your social media presence, website, mobile applications, SEO and online advertising. This training course will guide you through the process of mapping a strategy for your online marketing. We will guide you through working out your unique selling position (USP) and identifying your target market and the best distribution channels for your business. You will learn to set goals and track your performance so you can do more of what works and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. We will be getting you thinking about your competitors, your objectives and your brand so that you can better engage with your ideal customers and meet them where they are: online! Learn to increase your efficiency and effectiveness in converting online visitors into real-life visitors.

Course topics

  • Identifying your business values and unique selling point (USP)
  • How to do research and analysis
  • Working out your goals
  • Development of your marketing plan
  • Working out an actions and activities schedule
  • How to measure your success
  • Tracking your performance with analytics

Course content

30 minutes

Digital marketing: the basics

This tutorial provides an overview of the digital marketing landscape. The content discusses how tourists use online searches to plan their trips as well as the key considerations for reaching customers online on a spectrum of platforms
30 minutes

1 hour

Creating an effective digital marketing strategy workshop (part 1)

This workshop explains what a digital marketing strategy is, why is it important to have one and how it will fit into your overall business plan. During the session, you will be shown how to identify your business values and unique selling point (USP), how to conduct research and analysis and how to work out your business and marketing goals.
1 hour

1 hour

Creating an effective digital marketing strategy workshop (part 2)

This workshop provides a guided walk-through of the following three marketing planning tools: a digital marketing strategy template, a digital metrics tracking sheet and a marketing planner. The session discusses the development process of a digital marketing plan and explains how to work out an action and activities schedule. It also covers how to measure your success by tracking your performance with online analytics.
1 hour

45 minutes

Q&A session on digital strategy development

Hear the answers to the most frequently asked questions about how to develop a digital marketing strategy for your tourism business.
45 minutes

Guest Presenters

Liz Ward

Liz is a committed advocate for innovation in marketing and distribution and recognised expert in strategy with more than 20 years experience specialising in travel and tourism. Liz has pioneered many first-time digital transformation initiatives that have had lasting impacts including starting up the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) and being its CEO for over ten years. Liz is the co-founder of the innovative tourism online learning community, Tourism Tribe, which launched in July 2015 and is already providing online coaching and support to over 1,600 tourism operators around Australia and the world. Tourism Tribe was awarded in the Queensland Tourism Industry Innovation Awards in 2016 and in its inception in the UNWTO Innovation Awards in 2015.

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Thousands of tourism businesses worldwide as well as leading tourism organisations


As ever, Liz Ward is a powerhouse of information and guidance. Thank you again Liz!

Carole McGibbon (Alex Beach Cabins and Tourist Park)

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