Make AI work for your tourism business

Unlock the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to drive growth and improve efficiency in your small business.



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Take this course and learn everything you know about AI and how to use it in your small tourism business to save time and effort when it comes to creating content, marketing content and business processes.  

Course topics

  • Introduction to the world of AI for tourism businesses
  • Exploring the ethical and societal implications of AI
  • Strategies for integrating AI into your small business
  • How to get started with AI: Practical steps for tourism operators
  • Leveraging ChatGPT for your business needs
  • Creating an effective lead magnet with AI
  • Using ChatGPT to craft compelling content
  • Designing in Canva
  • Developing engaging and effective marketing communications with ChatGPT
  • Formulating an AI action plan tailored for small tourism businesses

Course outline


Will I get instant access?

Yes, you’ll automatically be sent the link to the course upon payment via credit card and you’ll be able to start learning and implementing your learnings right away

Are there any videos in the course?

Our courses are a mix of video and text – depending on each lesson. 


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