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3 h 45 m


Websites are not what they once were! Tourism websites need to be informative, eye-catching and user-friendly. If your website doesn’t tick these boxes you are letting potential customers slip through your fingers. This three-part course will teach you what the most important aspects of a tourism website are and how to track the effectiveness of your website.
We will also provide some practical DIY development advice and give you tips on working with web-developers.

Course topics

  • Review of the most important elements of tourism websites
  • How to assess whether your tourism website is actually working and converting visitors
  • What do you attribute you increase in sales to with the launch of the new website?
  • How much should I budget for a rebuild or new website?
  • What are the pros and cons of building a website myself versus using a developer?
  • How to easily display your social media images into your website gallery to save you a lot of time uploading photos.
  • 2 key search engine optimisation considerations when you’re designing and working on your website content
  • How to use a simple table to build or review the content of your website
  • Best DIY options if you’d like to build your tourism website yourself
  • Considerations for transitioning from one developer to another


1 hour

Expert panel session on tourism websites

Fabie (Tourism Tribe) is joined by Peter Freeman (WOOF Media) and Amber Rodgers (1770 LARC! Tours) for a panel-style discussion about the most important aspects of an effective tourism website, the website development process and how to know if your website is working for you.
1 hour

1 hour

Website planning workshop

In this workshop session, the tech genius behind Tourism Tribe, Fabie, discusses what makes a great tourism website. She explains how to tailor your website to your target market, how to assess the effectiveness of your website, how to integrate your social media channels into your web content, the best DIY options for constructing your own website and much more!
1 hour

45 minutes

Q&A session on website development and maintenence

Hear the answers to the most frequently asked questions about how to develop and maintain a great tourism website.
45 minutes

Guest Presenters

Peter Freeman

Peter’s expertise in digital strategy and social media, built on top of an early career in IT and customer service, gives him a unique set of skills that are highly sought after in the delivery of marketing solutions in a digital age. Responsible for WOOF Media’s many website projects for regional tourism clients in South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania, Peter continues to partner with those clients, helping them make the most of their website and related digital marketing opportunities.

Amber Rodgers

Amber is the Marketing Manager for 1770 LARC! Tours which operates from the historic Town of 1770. Amber’s work history has been a solid 20 years in the Tourism Industry which has armed her with an in depth understanding of marketing tools aimed at success. Amber will share with us how she recently coordinated rebuilding the small business website of 1770 LARC! Tours which led to a massive jump in tour sales within the first month of launching the site.

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Fantastic webinar - I got so much out of this webinar I was bursting at the end of it. (And I did it outside of my work hours so not paid for it!) Stayed at work afterwards & wrote a plan of attack & have already completed 60% percent of it.

Carole McGibbon (Alex Beach Cabins and Tourist Park)

Thanks very much. As a part-time regional business, we appreciate the opportunity to link into very specific training such as this. We are looking forward to applying specific recommendations to our recently-updated website, which obviously still needs tweaking.

Jan Fallding (Callicoma Hill Eco-cabins)

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Are there videos in the course?

Our courses are a mix of video and text – depending on each lesson.