Crisis Management and Communication

Safeguard your business now so you can be prepared when the next natural or workplace disaster hits.


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In today's dynamic business landscape, resilience in the face of crises is not just a choice, but a strategic imperative for every business owner. Our comprehensive course on crisis management and communication empowers you with an in-depth understanding of the diverse forms crises can take and their profound implications on your business. Drawing on a blend of research, real-life experiences, and illuminating case studies, this course equips you with battle-tested methods to safeguard your business through proactive learning. You'll gain invaluable insights into crafting a robust crisis management and communication plan tailored to your business, ensuring you're well-prepared to navigate any storm. By honing your crisis management and communication skills, you'll be equipped to steer your business towards timely recovery and accelerated growth even in the most unexpected of circumstances. Join us on this transformative journey to fortify your business against adversity and thrive amidst challenges.


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Course topics

  • Prepare a crisis plan
  • Set your business up to be ready for a crisis
  • Crisis communication templates


“You don’t know what you don’t know’ is never truer than the endlessly morphing world of digital marketing. It has been an honour to receive guidance from Despina Karatzias, who possesses a rare balance of personable emotional intelligence and great business instinct. Thank you.
Linda Franklin_artist
I’m really looking forward to the gains I can already see I’ll make through participating in this program. After 10+ years, to finally have my search console set up and providing valuable keyword insights is empowering. I never thought I’d be so excited about refreshing my website content!
Jetty Road Retreat
I thought Despina was very knowledgeable and passionate about the topics covered. Her real-life experiences and those of others she has helped have given her a great insight and understanding of the real and present risks of different crisis’s that can affect any business. She was able to empower us in a short time and provide us with steps to take to start reviewing our business more effectively to reduce risks.
H&M Productions
A fantastic introduction to the validity of using Tik Tok in our business. Have already commenced applying what I learnt. Thank you very much!
Woodsoak Wines
Molly was incredibly helpful, patient, understanding and supportive. She quickly honed in on where I needed help. I felt heard and somehow she managed to anchor me to where I needed to focus my attention on. An extremely valuable session overall. Thank you Molly!
The French Garden
Love it, well done and thank you. It feels like you are genuinely helpful and everyone in your team has a generosity of spirit.
Hawkesbury River Charter
I will comment further at the end of the course. Despina is brilliant by the way.
Everybody Knows Books
Emily was very helpful and gave special attention to all participants. Her advice has been helpful in applying content scheduling that ensures different content pillars are met.
Coolum Surf Club
Fabienne and Emily are incredibly knowledgeable, their delivery is so clear and easy to follow. Their insight to looking at businesses from a customer’s point of view has allowed me to change my focus and be more strategic in my approach to planning content.
Mildura Airport
Happy to share
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