Does the Hare or the Tortoise win the race when it comes to Social Media?

First published on March 19, 2018
Last updated on May 23, 2023
Consistency is the key to Social Media success, in this post we’ll explain why slow and steady wins the race.


Kangaroo Island Tourism Tribe members - Digital Workshop September 2016
Kangaroo Island Tourism Tribe members – Digital Workshop September 2016

We’ve all done it, attended a workshop or training session, left highly motivated and bombarded our Social Media channels with new content. Our feeds are full or new images and engaging stories, then for various reasons we get distracted. Other things take over and our posts diminish. This is a big mistake, in this post we’ll explain why slow and steady wins the race.

At the Tribe we regularly assess the Online presence of Tourism businesses in an effort to focus the efforts of that business to improve. Not many businesses have the resources for a “scattergun” approach and targeted online marketing is essential  for success. So, if you’ve identified your target market and ascertained what Social Media channels they are using, your guaranteed success, right? Well actually you’re wrong.

What are the secrets to Social Media success?

If getting it right was so easy, then why do so many business fail? Why do they not see return on their investment? Why are they questioning the value of their efforts?
As we look back over the relatively short history of Social Media we can see an emerging pattern. New platforms are developed, some become popular and critical to your business, others then enter the market and challenge the status quo. It’s a moving and evolving beast.

We consider there are three key elements to success;

  • Selecting the right channel
  • Having a balance of content
  • Consistency in posting

After all, marketing is about delivering the right message, to the right person at the right time, on the right device! It’s that simple and that complex.

Selecting the right channel

This topic is explained in great detail in our tutorial “Smart Marketing Spend” available to members here.

Having a balance of content

You’ll find the information you need here to ensure your balance is correct.

Consistency in posting

This is the ultimate purpose of this post “Does the Hare or the Tortoise win the race when it comes to Social Media?”

Well folks it this case it’s the Tortoise, slow and steady wins the race!


To get noticed you need to be active, the consumer needs a constant reminder that you exist, that you’re interesting and most importantly relevant.
If you post 4 times on a Sunday night, because you remembered to do it, guess what happens, your potential customer gets bombarded with your posts in their daily feed and it’s not interesting it’s annoying. They may even disengage completely.

So, how can you avoid this trap?

At the very least use a scheduling tool, set 1 of your 4 posts to publish every other day, that way you’ll get noticed every couple of days. These posts will be a constant reminder that you exist and a sample of what you offer. This is not the ideal solution but it’s a step in the right direction

We recommend that you create a content calendar and have a Social Media plan

What is a content calendar?

Content calendars are a way to plan and organise upcoming content, they can be as simple or complicated as you like. They can be for one channel or many channels and can cover blogs, videos and images. They can be themed on a particular topic or date relevant, seasonal etc

If you already know which platforms your customers prefer and what type of content they’re most likely to engage with? Then head straight to our social media calendar.

You can;

  • Download it from here (note: you will need to click the download button once you get to Dropbox)
  • This is a calendar in an Excel workbook to assist you to plan social media activity on a monthly basis
  • Use the first sheet to plot events and key features of the month for your business and the destination
  • Use the second sheet to collect ideas for content
  • Use the remaining sheets to plan your posts for each platform

This way you’ll avoid the trap of behaving like the Hare and you can plan like the Tortoise and win the race!![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_cta h2=”Learn how to better use Social Media in your Tourism Business” txt_align=”center” style=”outline” add_button=”bottom” btn_title=”Join Tourism Tribe ” btn_color=”orange” btn_align=”center” add_icon=”top” i_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-thumbs-up” i_background_style=”rounded” btn_link=”|||”]The Social Media for Tourism learning hub offers tutorials, support articles, webinars and the ability for members to ask a question via our support forum[/vc_cta][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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