Group Support Call Summary – 25 January 2023

First published on January 25, 2023
Last updated on August 18, 2023

Group Support Calls are one of our Digital Academy Membership benefits.
During our calls, both Tourism Tribe and Navii (sister company servicing small businesses) are in attendance, so you may hear references to both brands.

A video summary and transcript of the 25 January Group Coaching Call which focused on Live Chat and Messenger, Facebook & Imagery and Video.

Automated video transcript

Molly Dobbins 0:02
Amazing. So we had the three rooms today and Em covering Facebook, Sam coming covering imagery, and I covered live chat. So Liz, would you like to share with us what you got from the session today? Just a quick summary, thank you.

Liz Purnell-Webb 0:19
I’d love to, it’s actually very timely for me, because we use these sorts of things in just our personal lives. But to use it in a professional way, was a very different thing. And so we actually looked at why it was important, being able to service our clients and our buyers very effectively. And very quickly. The other thing we sort of looked at was the sort of platforms that you could use. And of course, we’ve talked about Facebook Messenger, which I think we’re all familiar with, and I know that you guys actually use talk to, but there are others that you can use, but I was really fascinated about how you can utilise it by even setting up answers to questions so that you’ve got it all there. And it’s very time. Time good. And also the fact that I might be travelling, which I shared with Molly, and how I could use these sorts of things with my clients while I’m actually travelling. So it’s a lot of good information that came back and how to automate it and set it up. So that you can interact with your, client, and also be able to answer the questions. And if you can’t do it, then how you can then get feedback to them in another way. So I’ve I felt very confident. And we went through the the areas in the course. And so I’m going to set myself up to do it now.

Molly Dobbins 2:10
Incredible work. Thank you so much, Liz. And now we’ll throw to Em’s room. Clara, would you like to summarise for us what you gained in the session with him today?

Clara Mehel 2:20
Yeah, so sorry. I love too. I think we did. We didn’t really do much Facebook, we did more the AI side of things. So the chat GPT how to use it how to, you know how to ask the proper questions to get the some useful information or useful content. So we did that. And yeah, we really good to have a follow up worksheet or something like that. Cheat Sheet. And it’s amazing, like what it can do. I had already used it before. And Caroline had used something similar as well. But to see how much more in depth. Emily could get it to give answers by asking the right questions was really good. And then we just touched on Facebook ads quickly as well, in terms of like, make sure you’ve got the right. Audience like a really targeted audience. Yeah. It’s really good.

Molly Dobbins 3:11
Really, really good, amazing. Beautiful, and I suppose yeah, and really shows and shows you how to ask the right questions, but also getting in ahead of the game and getting at the forefront, to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Amazing work. Yeah,

Caroline Rowe 3:26
I found it really great that because we’re a small group, we’re able to jump in and was able to jump in and actually pull our websites and pull copy. So we’re actually playing with words and themes that were relevant to those of us in the room, which really brought it to life. So thank you. Can I just ask this chat GPT work on iPads?

Caroline Rowe 3:30
Or is it a desktop only app? It’s a it’s a web browser. So it’s uh, it should, it should work. You just have to go probably through Safari or Chrome or whatever your search engine is.

Caroline Rowe 4:07

Molly Dobbins 4:08
Well, I sound like a very interesting, exciting room today. Well, now jump to Sam’s room, which covered imagery. Jane, do you want to give us a summary of what you gained

Jane Cadwgan 4:17
today? We talked zero about check GPT so unusual at the moment. But what we did talk about which very close to my heart was structure and stem. Just mind-blowing Sam. I mean, I thought I knew about how to schedule things, but a very sensible way of trying to get a plan so that you’re covering off the basis of what people are interested in. I’ve got lots of really good ideas about how to dream, plan, engage, and that little bit of selling with my social media and my imagery and lots of practical advice. So thank you very much, Sam about how to chop up I mean, chop up a longer video and just grab some really good snippets out of it, which can be really useful and can last a long time. Yeah, really quite good way of prolonging the amount of work, you invest in it, and you can use it again and it lasts.

Molly Dobbins 5:17
So thank you. Amazing Well, I’m all glad we all covered a key topic today and got a lot out of it. Make sure you sign up for the next coaching call by your My account. Thank you, Em and Sam, for joining us today and thank you everyone for joining and we’ll see you next group coaching call.

Sam Ward 5:37
Thanks, guys. Thanks, Jane.

Liz Purnell-Webb 5:43
And everybody, bye.

Unknown Speaker 5:45
Thank you. Bye

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