Getting rid of Facebook Messenger spam

First published on January 16, 2024
Last updated on January 16, 2024
Here is how to use Facebook Automation to get rid of your spam messages. This will take you 5 min or less!

Have you been getting loads of Facebook Messenger Spam messages? resulting in wasting your time and Facebook remind you to respond to these messages?

Here is how to use Facebook Automation to immediately flag these messages as spam. Once you do this, you’ll still get the message notifications from the app, but the messages themselves will be gone due to them being marked as spam.


So no doubt you’ve received Facebook messages in your inbox in the last few weeks that are just spam, you can tell they are spam because Facebook doesn’t actually send messages they send notifications via the app.

And you can obviously see the dodgy link there as well ‘C A K E etc. Those words have got different keywords in it such as violates, that are highlighted there or trademark etc.

What you can do is you can actually use Facebook Automation in order to get rid of these without you having to look at them and you can immediately mark them as spam so that your auto-responder doesn’t kick in etc.

So up there on the right there’s a Create Message and a little funny looking planetside logo sorry. So that is the automation. Once you click that automation logo, you get taken to a screen like this. You create, create automation start from scratch. And what I’ve done is I’ve actually done one already, so let me go to it and edit it know that something relevant auto spam messages containing the word violate or trademark check both messenger and Instagram and then you start adding your condition.

So if you’re familiar with Zapier or automation, this will be a piece of cake what you select his new message receive if any of the conditions match in the boxes below and you add your conditions so keywords you add violates don’t add another one there because otherwise it needs to hold all these keywords, add the other one violate in the singular form trademark and go and update these with any more keywords that pop up and annoy you. And then you continue to check the action to mark these as spam. So the changes and you’re done happy days.

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