Digital Strategy Template

Do you have a plan to make the most of your online presence?

Failing to plan is planning to fail

At Tourism Tribe we’ve run into so many tourism businesses who don’t have a solid plan to tackle their online presence. Whilst ad hoc Facebook updates may work for a while, having a plan of action is the best way to get the highest return from your web presence.

We’re aware that coming up with a ‘digital strategy’ can be daunting and many of you may not know where to start. So we’ve taken the lead and created the templates for you.

We have 3 options for you to choose:

  • A traditional, Word-based digital strategy template
  • A simple social media calendar template
  • And our favourite, an online, collaborative tool that allows you to get your team to work in harmony

1. The traditional Word-based digital strategy template

This template is fully comprehensive and goes through basic assessment of your target market, customer personas, partners etc in order to come up with a sustainable digital strategy.

Recommended use:

  • Download it from here (note: you will need to click the download button once you get to Dropbox)
  • Go through it with your management team
  • Share the results with your whole team
  • This is your strategic plan that will guide you on the digital activity you will roll-out over the next 12 months

2. The simple social media calendar

Do you already know which platforms your customers prefer and what type of content they’re most likely to engage with? Then head straight to our social media calendar.

Recommended use:

  • Download it from here (note: you will need to click the download button once you get to Dropbox)
  • This is a calendar in an Excel workbook to assist you and your team to plan social media activity on a monthly basis
  • Use the first sheet to plot events and key features of the month for your business and the destination
  • Use the second sheet to collect ideas for content
  • Use the remaining sheets to plan your posts for each platform

3. The interactive digital strategy to get your team working together (our pick)


This option will take you through:

  • How to set up your digital plan for your business
  • How to record goals and objectives for your digital marketing
  • How to allocate tasks to your team 

For your business to reap the rewards of the digital traveller, it is important that you have a plan that is adopted and embraced by your whole team. 

To make things easier, we’ve set up a base plan for you which includes 4 important areas in marketing your tourism business:

  • Website
  • Media and PR
  • Social media
  • Email marketing

To ensure that your whole team is across their tasks, we’ve set up the plan on a ‘digital whiteboard’ called Trello. 

Trello will be the place where all tasks, ideas and important notes about your digital strategy can be seen in one place. Every member of the Trello board can collect their ideas and can see which tasks needs to be done. 

The awesome stuff with Trello is that you are able to allocate tasks and deadlines to team members. Just like a conductor, you will ensure your team works in harmony. 

Recommended use:

  • Create a Trello account if you don’t have one by visiting this link (it’s free) – note it is best to have a Trello account for each of your staff member who will be using it.
  • Navigate to this Trello board template and copy the board.
    • Click ‘Show Menu’ in top right of screen (on laptop)
    • Click ‘More’
    • Click ‘Copy board’
  • Strategy objectives column: we’ve proposed 3 strategic objectives – yours might be different. Replace them with yours.
  • Colour coding: you will see we are using coloured labels to differentiate the 4 important areas listed above. Feel free to change the labels or reapply
  • The Goals are derived from the strategic objectives. Feel free to modify them.
  • To do / ideas: simply capture all your and your staff’s ideas in this column. Drag to allocate in the next columns
  • Fortnightly tasks: refine as needed. Make sure you add ‘due dates‘ to the tasks as well as who is responsible

Watch the 4 minute video on how to use Trello (below) to get started.””

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