How smart tech enabled two small businesses to be high touch and supercharge tourism recovery.

Two small but fast Queensland-based tourism businesses have teamed up despite socially distancing to make a tourism recovery program available to the world, in an instant.

In a world where every country is going solo and developing their own COVID tracking app, two small but fast Queensland-based tourism businesses have teamed up despite socially distancing to make a tourism recovery program available to the world, in an instant.

This digital dance resulted in a powerful customer-centric practical tool available to help tourism operators redesign their businesses and bounce back as quickly as possible from the Covid-19 crisis.

Tourism Tribe has taken customer strategy experts, Customer Frame, under their tech wing to bring forward the release of their six-week interactive Customer Recovery Program which allows businesses to walk away with a 12-month plan, prioritised by the actions that will make the biggest difference to their recovery.  The online program is adapted from Customer Frame’s highly successful workshop series and the traditional conference-room interaction is being replaced by live small group coaching sessions. 

“This was a no brainer for us.  We love what Sueanne and Peter, the founders of Customer Frame, can bring to our industry in terms of customer led business design and we have the cutting-edge online platform and digital processes in place to fast track access to their world-leading courseware.  Their Customer Recovery Program compliments our ‘Upskill During Lockdown’ online program beautifully, taking a deep dive into customer needs and redesign of services and products to be able to genuinely wow your target market.

When Sueanne called us to pick our brains about what tech they should use for the program we went … hold on a minute, don’t even bother, let’s just use our systems and you can get this online program to market within days.

Furthermore, hosting it on our platform immediately makes it available to our 5,000+ subscribers at the click of a button” says Liz Ward, Co-founder and CEO of Tourism Tribe.

“We’re all about driving capability,” says Sueanne Carr, Co-Founder of Customer Frame and tourism industry expert. “Tourism Tribe took the tech pain away for us and allowed us to go live in days instead of weeks or even months.”

If you’d like to know more about this COVID-led innovation and the program, please contact Liz Ward +61 419 578 200 or Sueanne Carr +61 412 814 224

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