5 steps to create engaging content whilst you explore your own destination!

First published on July 4, 2016
Last updated on May 23, 2023
This post is designed to assist you in create some new content, that is accurate, insightful and of value for your guests.

Are you struggling to add new engaging content to your website?

Do you have a little spare time, enjoy exploring and “playing tourist” then I have the solution to create some fabulous content.  On the weekend I had the pleasure of a visit from some friends from interstate. They asked me for recommendations of what to do and where to eat and I found myself writing a couple of pages and options for them. What I wrote was slightly different from what you’d find on most operator websites and was the inspiration for this post.

Step one – Explore

There is an old saying “want to know what’s best to do, ask a local”

If you don’t know your local area or it’s been awhile since you played tourist, set yourself some time to explore, if you match your target demographic even better. Using the online resources do some research and plan a 1/2 and full day trip. Whilst on the trip take particular notice of driving times, unique and interesting things and don’t forget to take happy snaps.



Sample the local cuisine, have morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea and take note of seasonal variations. For example if it’s winter and a winery has an open fire take note. If you find a place hard to find record things that might make it easier. You can also use your mobile phone to jog your memory.

Go into that museum you always drive past and explore the markets and local shops. Pay particular attention to anything unique and memorable.

Also take note of the service provided, were you made to feel welcome? Was the food delicious, hot and on time? Were children catered for? Was there parking nearby?

Step two – Record

Whilst it’s still fresh in your mind write down what you did, add as much detail as you can, you can always edit later. It doesn’t matter if you cannot write as a professional as long as your content is accurate, authentic and not slanderous you should be fine.

Step three – Create

The secret is to impart your local knowledge in a friendly and informal way. For example instead of writing “Located 2 kilometres west of the town” try ” We drove a couple of minutes down Westbound Ave, just after the large gum tree on the right is the gate to Cherry Tree Vineyard” or instead of “the menu had a variety of options ranging from $15-$38” write “The buffet is fabulous, in Winter we recommend the beef Hotpot and a glass of red, if you didn’t book remember to get there early and this place is very popular” You may like to read an article like this to gain confidence.

Add images to support your story and make sure you have people in them, it doesn’t have to be you but if you take pictures remember to ask permission.

Step four – Publish

When you are confident you are telling a great story, publish this blog on your website, make sure you include links to the places you are recommending and send them a copy of what you have published, they may even start promoting you in response. Print a copy for your guests as they leave for the day and personalise your conversations with them.

Step five – Do it again

Once you’ve done it once, try doing it again, go in a different direction, take a longer drive or go where your local Visitor Information Centre recommends. Make it part of your content strategy to be a tourist in your own town/region.

Not only will you be creating new original content but you’ll help your sites SEO. It will also encourage visitors to your site to book and possibly stay longer, they will see  also what else the region has to offer

There you have it, a fun enjoyable way to create new content for your website.

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