4 common sense tips to increase your chances converting customers on your website

First published on May 29, 2017
Last updated on May 23, 2023
Our tips are not what you think!

On a recent trip to Darwin I attended a “Welcome to the Dry” conference, all the delegates were so warm and friendly, later in the afternoon just before the beer started one operator said to me “I am my business, if I can get the chance to talk to them, then my chances of conversion are much higher”It got me thinking, there are two components to what he said, if he employs staff they must be the right kind of staff that can sell his product and how does he increase conversion in the online space? So whilst flying back to Adelaide, I put “pen to paper, so to speak”

Let’s start with selecting the right staff

Getting the right people is essential for your business and it’s often one of the biggest challenges. I am of the firm belief that if you get the right attitude the you can teach the skills required. If you can get both then that’s a bonus. Good training particularly in our industry is essential, it needs to be comprehensive, fit for purpose and ongoing. It should ultimately lead to employees that are empowered to think and act in the best interests of the customer.
If you invest in your team, they will be happier, provide better service and stay longer, reducing your ongoing training cost.

Top tips to retain staff

  • Select the right person
  • Understand their needs and goals
  • Treat them how you would like to be treated
  • Allow them to make decisions
  • Be flexible
  • Give them the opportunity to share their ideas
  • Reward them with new responsibilities
  • Help them grow professionally

If you do this you will retain them and thus reduce ongoing costs.

Conversion in the online space?

Let’s start with the reason you are able to convert when you speak to a customer.

It’s probably because you gave them all the information they needed and made the booking process simple, it was also because of your personality, the essence of your business.

So, how do you do this online?

Give your website personality, your content both written and visual should reflect your business but also showcase what makes your business special. Write stories about what they will experience in your blogs, upload images of real people (with permission of course) and actual video or drone footage of what they’ll see or do.
In essence, tell your story, be authentic and put yourself out there.  You can also use testimonials to add credibility and don’t forget to use social media to engage customers.

Don’t forget perspective, write your content based on your target audience, don’t make assumptions about what they will know, it’s better to over than under inform.

Make the online booking process simple

Ensure that the online booking process is simple, make sure the rates are not too complex and offer a service if they get stuck. If you run a business that doesn’t fit well in the online booking world, maybe consider using Online Chat as well as a contact us form. A recent example that comes to mind, was of an elderly customer that wanted to book online but couldn’t because they had no email address, the result was a loss of a booking, because the owner didn’t offer an alternative.

Use online chat

Online chat doesn’t have to tie you to an office, you can switch the service to a mobile and take it with you. Even if you only use the chat to ask the customer for their phone number and offer to call them, you are more likely to convert.

Our final tips

You’ve taken a lot of time and effort to get customers to your website, so don’t loose them with poorly written content and information that’s hard to find. Project the essence of your business with authentic words, imagery and video content.

Offer multiple ways to connect with your business and make sure your staff (if you have them) are skilled enough to act on your behalf.

Be brave and put yourself out there it’s what makes your business unique

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