3 ways an online booking system will save your attraction time and money

First published on February 6, 2017
Last updated on May 23, 2023
Save time and money by selecting the right booking system, this blog is written for the attraction sector.

Saving time and money is important for any business owner or operator. However, during peak season when you’re in charge of a busy tourist attraction, just one more panicked knock at the door could send you over the edge. Peak season doesn’t have to be a manic, stressed out time – an online booking system can save you time and money and here are three examples of how.

Centralise your information

Multiple systems can feel like a maze. They are time-consuming and unnecessary when planning sales within your attraction business. A great online booking system allows you to seamlessly centralise all data into one accessible spot. The system will be easy to use and will keep track of all important details. You can manage capacity, distribution, entry ticketing, vouchers, school programs, memberships, long-term passes and in-attraction experiences quickly and easily with one system. This information will help you customise to the needs of your buyers quickly, saving your staff from hours of consolidating visitor data.

Easy reporting

Online booking systems make reporting easy. One-click reports can save you a lot of stress, time and company funds. Some systems have a strong reporting ability that allows you to identify your main revenue drivers. Through the insight from these reports, you can effectively test and measure different pricing and promotion strategies, allowing you to bring different aspects of your attraction business together – again saving you money. Reports also give information regarding revenue streams, profitability and informative insight into distribution. Having access to this data will save your attraction business time and money because you’re able to make informed and strategic decisions very quickly, without chasing up information from individual channels.

Know where your sales are coming from

Imagine knowing exactly which distribution channels were giving you the most business and being able to work more with that channel than the rest? A fantastic booking system will do that for you. Online booking systems that link into many distribution networks give you great opportunities to sell more tickets. However, refining your strategy through the most profitable channels for you should be the main aim. A quality online booking system will do this and it will end up saving you money. Having this knowledge right at your fingertips will free up your time. You can learn more about distribution and the tips and tricks to do it right through this handy guide.

Final thoughts

There are a number of online booking systems out there but only some are equipped with features that can truly save your attraction business time and money. Be sure to look out for these three features and you’ll have no trouble moving on to a platform that’ll help you out, especially in the busier periods.

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