Group Support Call Summary – 7 February 2023

First published on February 7, 2023
Last updated on August 18, 2023

Group Support Calls are one of our Digital Academy Membership benefits.
During our calls, both Tourism Tribe and Navii (sister company servicing small businesses) are in attendance, so you may hear references to both brands.

A video summary and transcript of the 7 February Group Coaching Call which focused on Online Reputation, Email Marketing and Marketing and Distribution Strategies.

Automated video transcript

Molly Dobbins 0:02
Amazing. So today we have three rooms, covering Online Reputation, Fab and Claire covering Email Marketing and Despi covering Marketing and Distribution Strategies. Em, would you like to start off with a quick summary of your room?

Emily Barry 0:17
Sure, I had the lovely Awen with me today one and only, a good little private one on one coaching session she scored. So yeah, basically covered the topic of Online Reputation. And she kind of came to the session with some questions about, you know, like, what’s the best way to respond to negative online reviews, how to kind of handle the different platforms increase online reviews, and we went through our courses and took it a step back and understood that, you know, before we can get to encouraging online reviews, or even thinking about how to respond to good or bad, you have to step back and put a customer centric strategy in place. And, you know, if you want people to say really good things about your business, you have to put your customer hat on and purposely make decisions about how you conduct your business, the experience around them. So thinking about, are you currently implementing any ways to surprise and delight your customers or you know, thinking rewards, so we went through our course, and look at the strategy component, first of what you need to kind of set up in, in, in the first instance, that allows your business to be in a great place to receive these good reviews. So then we delved into a bit of kind of like an audit going through what reviews are currently on which platform, how many are they positive, negative, the most mentioned words, and you know, how can that influence new products offerings, and just getting a good understanding of what customers currently perceive of Devin pixies business, you know, we found out that they really love the scones and like, there was there were certain things that are now may like to promote more, and then we kind of went into some different tactics of how to increase reviews. So she has gone on to update her thank you email to be, you know, not as generic as you know. It can be so really, you know, touching on some key experiences and some memories and you know, really personalise it so not so it’s not just a thank you please give us a online reviews really targeting all of our all of our communication, and QR codes and everything like that. So we kind of went through a whole journey of stepping through courses and how best to approach online reputation. So that’s kind of our session in a nutshell.

Molly Dobbins 2:50
Amazing and how lucky to have a one-on-one and next steps walk away with as well. Fab would you like to provide a brief summary of your room?

Fabienne Wintle 3:00
Yeah, I think we’ve also gone around the world and back in one hour or 15 minutes of power with email marketing. So it started with Nadine asking questions about is email marketing really working because all the emails I get are just unsubscribing. And like, clearly, it’s not working for the people that send you the emails, because that is not targeted. But let’s find out about ways of how you could make it work for you. So this is where we went and talked about ensuring that you have a segmented email list and a segmented emails list means the ability for you to group your customers in your list by interests or anything that matters to you. Quick example when I was travelling Australia, I purchased a lot of wine in Tasmania, I like Pinot Noir. All I kept receiving because I signed up for email marketing. For the emails, all I kept receiving was a whole list of all the wines I could buy from these people. All I wanted was Fabri you’ve run out of Pinot it’s been six weeks, can we send you another box and here’s a special value add because it’d been such a good customer to be able to do that they would have needed to connect their online shop to the email marketing platform to know when I last purchase one what it was and create what is called automation that triggers when I purchase the one waits six weeks and then sends me that email then we realise that what we need to do is actually not just wait six weeks but maybe at the two week mark send me an email to know if I was happy with it. And if I was then tag me as hotfoot of next purchase and if I said it was really bad, do not send me this special offer to buy more wine. So by doing so we realised that the world holdover email marketing automation, the heartbeat of that is actually a customer relationship management system. And you can’t run a business these days without having one that is working really well. And without getting the knowledge required to be able to use that yourself. Otherwise, you’ve got to be paying for experts all the time. And you’re going to lose this IP, in your own business. So we started the session talking about email marketing, and we ended up the session with me showing how active campaign which is an opportunity for CRM works and what an automation looks like. So people’s next step that join the session, we’re going to subscribe to a great free email marketing automation from a colleague of ours based in the UK, and start understanding what is possible to do with a really good CRM, email marketing, automation, whatever communication channel you use, whether it’s email, text, message, phone, letter in the mail, whatever, it all relies on, tracking your customers in your CRM.

Molly Dobbins 6:11
Fantastic, sounds like a great session that really unpacked a lot. Now Despi, could you please wrap it up now with your room.

Despina Karatzias 6:17
Excellent. Well, we are on it’s a good segway onto relationship building. And we talked with our team who are all at more at the beginning and more growth stages of business about using content like video to as a means to build relationships and get getting the customer to get to know them, trust them, and like them enough to then buy. So looked at exploring different options. And we did have one of our colleagues, who’s also launching a podcast, which we went into a great way of how we can look at something like a podcast to repurpose content that is, you know, taking that audio into a video and then in a blog post. And the flip side to that which I’d really encourage everybody in the room, is how we can get more guest spots on podcasts, where you’re the guest to showcase what you do in your local community. We covered also just from distribution and collaboration, particularly in the growth stages to get our business ramped up. But look, the opportunity of who can we partner with and collaborate and who doesn’t do what we do. But we could add a lot of value to their service by partnering and reaching out to them. And then what that could look like those business-to-business relationships, what that could also look like, from a content perspective, working, working together in that way to create different avenues of different avenues of acquiring new customers, but also new eyeballs to our digital assets. And we also looked at what the year ahead is looking like and how well prepared we are for Valentine’s Day, for example, how well prepared we are for International Women’s Day coming up, like things that are quite thematic, that we can either, you know, step into us as opportunities to create events within our business or also show up and create some online events around that as a means of, again, acquisition and what another great way to create as a bit of a lead magnet to come into something like a database that could start that relationship. But more than anything, I think that was with my Jane, this year’s I was saying like, I love seeing people that are coming regularly to our sessions here every second fortnight. So we had Jane and on the concept and the topic of email marketing saying Well, I haven’t done one, well, here’s a great opportunity we’re gonna get together we like it or not, we’re going to show up here again in two weeks. So making it whatever you’ve taken with your coach today, we’re going to be here again, absolutely use this time, what will you commit to come back and share the story of what you’ve done in the next session? So use this as a great champion. You’ve got cheerleaders that will be here in every session for you. So what James committed she said, Yep, I will do that. That new newsletter and for each one of you any of the gold that you’ve received from Febby and leaves, what’s that one thing and now we want to hear what the outcome was next session to keep elevating ourselves That’s my I could keep going. But I’ll stop there.

Molly Dobbins 10:05
Thank you very much. That’s a great segway. We love watching your journeys. And please tell us via email, and call us to tell us. We’d love to hear about your journey since you began your program. Amazing. Also, good segway to make sure you sign up for the next coaching call that will occur on the 23rd of February at 10am. Thank you again, all for joining us again for another coaching call. And we can’t wait to see you. Next one. And thank you, coaches.

Molly Dobbins 10:33
Thank you, everyone.

Despina Karatzias 10:34
Happy Tuesday. Thank

Despina Karatzias 10:35
you very much jobs before you will drop off on a photo. quickie. Big smile your best Tuesday smiles. Tuesday, c h o s e bye bye

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